Developer Relations Lead
CONTACT: Samuel Merchant
(510) 851-3594

Insights About this Role

Vatom, is deploying a highly leveraged Go to Market (GTM) strategy. This means that Vatom will sell directly to enterprises, brands, and consumers, but will focus more resources on indirect channels including agencies, systems integrators, resellers, and consultants. Arguably, the most important of these is getting Developers to adopt the Vatom platform and commit to its Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to develop products, solutions, and worlds. Vatom seeks a strategic Developer Relations veteran who’s architected and built vibrant developer ecosystems and communities to head up this initiative and own this line of business.

The selected, Developer Relations Lead (DevRel), will join a founding team that has built, scaled, and exited pioneering enterprises that have nailed not only product-market-fit, but also market timing and scale on a consistent basis. Lastly, they have delivered on shareholder value and delivered healthy returns to investors and shareholders.

This role requires an appetite for risk, a desire to work one’s butt off, an enormous capacity for balancing a dynamic set of priorities, and the pull of myriad influencers and constituencies. The rewards, for the right individual who bets on themselves, and this team will be financial, career-oriented and lifechanging personally and for a global community ready for what Vatom promises to deliver.

Vatom’s core leadership and development team has been together for 20+ years, defining the Web and succeeding across multiple ventures and exits. World-class R&D and product development teams have already delivered multiple enterprise, commercial SaaS deployments at scale. The company has a rigorous and highly progressive development methodology in place, and a state-of-the-art Web tech stack. The company’s analytics capabilities are enormous; in short, Vatom measures everything

The DevRel Lead’s Charter

The current state of play is that the company has invested five+ years of research & development in building a leading edge, web platform and a developer “product” (SDK and APIs) but it does not have programs, support or promotional/acquisition capabilities required to build a Dev community. There are several early partnerships with agencies/integrators, development teams inside of aggregators and a few early relationships with other platforms (ISVs). These relationships are owned directly by Vatom’s product, business development and engineering teams. DevRel Lead will:

  • Set the goals for Vatom’s DevRel program and community, articulate its GTM strategy and define the key metrics that will define success
  • Quickly become the principal Architect of and Evangelist building Vatom’s DevRel community and line of business
  • Build Vatom’s DevRel function from scratch and own full lifecycle and evolution of the programs, the team and the community itself
  • Prioritize the types of early partnerships that Vatom should deploy resources against alongside Product, Marketing and Engineering leadership
  • Evangelize & Execute on the goals and key metrics which define the success of this critical line of business for Vatom
    • Build awareness of the platform and what it does
    • Attract, Convert, and Arm high-value developers (sign-up, download, install)
    • Activate & Adopt – get developers to use the platform to build applications
  • Engage, Support, Advocate for, and Retain a robust, productive, and self-propagating Developer Community
  • Plan & Produce meetups, hackathons and conferences leveraging the Vatom platform
  • Ensure that Vatom’s Developer Community is actively engaged in product feedback and has true influence in the product roadmap

Core Competencies and Experience Required

  • TECHNICAL CHOPS: Walked in their shoes… Ideally started career as an engineer/developer; must have legitimate tech underpinnings to build trust and have influence
  • FUNCTION: Built and ideally led DevRel function and delivered success, scale, and ROI
  • DOMAIN: Veteran of enterprise-class software and application development platforms that have ideally served both businesses/brands and consumers
  • STAGE: Must have startup experience; out of fast companies and therefore comfortable in high-growth, agile, test-and-learn environments; ideally been a part of hypergrowth and scale
  • EVANGELIST & SPOKESPERSON: Confident, persuasive, and ideally charismatic communicator from the dais or via the blog, podcast, or all-hands meeting
  • BUSINESS ACUMEN & COMMERCIAL SUCCESS: ROI-based DevRel pro who’s accustomed to being held accountable for business outcomes and commercial (not just community) growth
  • LEADER & BUILDER: Hired great talent and created team culture that attracted the best
  • BUSINESS PARTNER: Track record of strategic collaboration with product, engineering, and marketing functions to optimize around shared goals

Duties & Deliverables

  • Work with Marketing, Sales and BD to plan and execute developer awareness and acquisition/conversion funnel
  • Lead the development and dissemination of
    • Developer Programs including Alpha/Beta test
    • Thought leadership via blog posts, webinars and white papers
    • Documentation including reference materials, How to Guides, and Tutorials
    • Code Libraries, Quick start apps, Hacks, etc.
  • Events like meetups, conferences, and especially hackathons
  • Support
    • Select and deploy support systems and tools e.g. Zendesk, StackOverflow, etc.
    • Implement Office Hours, dedicated forum e.g. Google Groups or Discourse

Key Personnel/Cultural Characteristics

  • A Leader proven ability to attract, develop, manage, and mentor top talent; track record of nurturing and promoting highly successful leaders
  • A Builder of teams, developer ecosystems, and communities
  • A Doer now and a delegator (but still a Doer) later; Superior execution skills and no ego about leading by example
  • Driven with a bias toward action; decisive; takes initiative
  • Startup Veteran not afraid of taking risks; highly resourceful, thrives on chaos but streamlines work and communication flows; builds enterprise value and delivers outsized returns
  • Analytically rigorous; adept at collecting and using data to improve operations and make better decisions; translates data into actionable insights
  • Exceptionally High IQ and intellectually Curious no slouches on this squad…
  • A great sense of humor <full stop>