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Chief Operating Officer
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Position Description:

Chief Operating Officer

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Super Studios is flush with capital, led by two Web3 superstars, and is launching an already proven winner in gaming, making this the right time for a blockchain superfan with a big vision to step into a role and change the game. With a suite of products in different stages of development, the company needs an operational force of nature who can execute on many different levels, drive operational excellence, and help grow the organization to scale quickly and efficiently in alignment with its strategic roadmap. The Chief Operating Officer will serve as a thought partner to the CEO, Elliot Wainman, managing the day-to-day business operations of Super Studios, and driving performance and growth across all areas of the business. With the founder focusing on vision and strategy and the COO bringing organization and structure to the table, Super Studios will be an unstoppable force within Web3 and beyond.

The Chief Operating Officer Charter

  • Drive strategy and growth across the company. Set goals for performance and growth across the company and develop and execute strategies to measure success and hold all team members accountable. Attract new talent and partners. Understand and anticipate the needs of the customers to help Super Studios create new products, platforms, and opportunities for growth.
  • Oversee all operations throughout the company. Turn the company’s operational processes into a streamlined machine and manage it from the top down. Draw on ability and experience to quickly step into the role and see the weak spots within the current operations, then improve them. Execution is the primary focus to drive systems development, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks at any point in the process while allowing for new opportunities within the business structure.
  • Scale optimization as the company expands. Facilitate the growth of the company to keep up with new ventures, but without leading to bloat or wasted resources. Optimize while scaling, growing both customers and new talent in a strategic manner without compromising the community-minded values of the company.

Responsibilities and Deliverables

  • Establish and oversee processes and systems throughout the company, ensuring maximum efficiency at every level.
  • Support Elliot as the external face of the business while internally making the trains run on time and facilitating open and regular team communication.
  • Oversee all teams within the company to assess whether they’re achieving the right objectives for the company’s goals as well as aligning those objectives cross-functionally.
  • Collaborate with senior management and CFO to generate a budget and financial strategy and oversee its implementation throughout the rest of the company.
  • Streamline internal communication and establish policies that uphold the company culture and vision.
  • Anticipate how the end-consumer and core community will respond to any changes or updates in both day-to-day operations as well as big-picture ventures.

Critical Selection Criteria

  • Operations leadership experience at a gaming or digital media company/community platform, bringing the passion and insight needed to grow and do right by one’s community
  • Results-driven leader focused on execution, with the ability to develop and deliver on strategic business plans aligned with the company’s growth objectives
  • Leadership presence to attract new partners and talent on both sides of the company
  • Successful track record of scaling and optimizing business operations without sacrificing efficiency, with the ability to lead diverse teams working from around the world
  • Big-picture understanding of what good community management and marketing entails, and the ability to implement both
  • Comfort with pushing teams to meet deadlines and goals, while still retaining the collaborative feel of a true Web3 company
  • Strong communication skills to represent the company in the community and the media
  • Proven track record in product and/or project management
  • Familiarity with the Web3, blockchain, and NFT protocols is a plus, but not required

Personality & Cultural Fit

  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Loves to build from scratch and wants to be involved in the business at every level, from the nitty-gritty details to high-level, long-term strategy
  • Excited to plan and execute quickly and with confidence—all about taking action once ideas are solidified
  • A team player who brings a sense of humility and accountability as a leader
  • Passionate about the future of Web3 and the overarching ethos of blockchain, emphasizing decentralization and empowering people to do their best work
  • Highly collaborative and creative thinker who’s willing to think outside the typical company hierarchy to pull things off
  • A strong communicator with the presence to inspire others, who’s willing to help others unlock their potential