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CONTACT: Christopher Andreoli


Rockit Pest is the brainchild of private equity firm Halle Capital, which takes a mission-driven approach to new businesses. The team at Halle Capital is highly engaged with, and active in, every venture in their portfolio, and they have turned their focus to changing the pest control industry for the better. For proof, just look to their appointment of Ryan Bradbury as Chairman and CEO of Rockit Pest. When CEO of his family’s company, Bradbury spearheaded its 2017 sale to a strategic acquirer for an industry leading multiple. With industry credibility and entrepreneurial experience, Bradbury provides insight and knowledge that have already been key in identifying and acting on pest control opportunities.

Position Description: Vice President of Marketing

The VPM will be critical in making Rockit Pest a trusted name in pest control. The role is ideal for a high energy, creative marketer who’s eager to step into a strategic role and apply game-changing ideas while also being accountable for tactical execution. This person will have a seat at the leadership table, where they’ll bring a growth-hacker mentality to help scale rapid growth and enjoy enormous future career potential and financial upside.

Highlights of the role:

  • A chance to redefine an industry. The selected VPM will apply progressive growth-hacking techniques to continuously broaden a strong customer base, while helping make Rockit Pest a major player in pest control.
  • A high reward opportunity. The combination of an industry resistant to economic downturns, Halle Capital’s deep experience, a proven CEO, and an aggressive go-to-market model means the company will take the historical industry average growth rate of about ~6% and increase it to 20%+
  • Create a new customer acquisition machine. The goal of Rockit Pest is to build a national pest control player, with marketing having a big role in its evolution. And it’s a chance to provide a high-quality, in-demand service through company awareness and customer discovery.
  • The company’s CEO is a successful entrepreneur. He will work closely with the new VP of Marketing, who will have a strategic seat at the table. This CEO is in it for the long-haul and is seeking a VPM he can trust to bring new creative ideas.
  • Build your own team and tools. The first-ever VPM at Rockit Pest will have carte blanche over the mar-tech stack, building it, upgrading it, or replacing it entirely. The VPM can also expect to build a solid team of key players (internal and 3 rd party), from SEO agencies to copy leads.
  • Collaborate with good people working together. The team at Halle Capital brings a high standard, solid work ethic, and an aggressive business model to build a company that will better serve customers across the region while nurturing a sustainable, profitable company.

THE CULTURAL FIT at Rockit Pest: Why You, Why Now?

The VP of Marketing will bring growth marketing mastery and have the opportunity to be mentored by an industry veteran CEO to grow the company’s footprint throughout the Southeast and beyond. There is both career and significant financial upside (including equity) for the right ambitious marketer who’s ready to step into a leadership role and feels confident in their abilities. There is nothing to fix, unwind, or remediate as it is a clean slate and Rockit Pest has the resources to do it right. The selected candidate will be:

  • Strategic, critical thinker who brings vision–not just execution
  • Confident without ego: A self-starter with a hands-on work ethic who wants to learn and grow
  • Values-driven: Prioritizing honesty, high standards, fairness, and customer relationships are key to Rockit Pest’s culture
  • Very open to an up ‘n comer with skills and experience who wants to learn and grow; Full of fire & energy, w/ something to prove!


  • Work alongside CEO, company presidents, and outside vendors to execute marketing strategies
  • Apply a growth hacking POV to an industry built on traditional sales & marketing
  • Expand and streamline outreach for both prospective customers and potential acquisitions.
  • Maximize the current organic growth using a combination of traditional and digital strategies.
  • Centralize marketing efforts for newly acquired businesses.
  • Source and leverage data to find the ideal pest control customer.
  • Develop deep understanding of the customer base and needs.
  • Remove booking process friction and convert new customers with fewer steps and less risk.

Key Requirements:

  • Comfortable as a digital and traditional marketer: Proven success as a primarily B2C digital/performance/growth marketer with experience across relevant channels (CRM, email, Social, SEO, SEM, affiliate, etc.) as well as traditional marketing strategies (print, direct mail, radio/tv
  • A doer, leader, and builder: A hands-on, individual contributor who will bring/build their group of 3 rd party experts/agencies while building a lean, mean team
  • A strategic, imaginative lead: Someone coming out of an aggressive, test-and-tweak, acquisition, conversion, and optimization marketing machine
  • Data & analytics driven: An analytical thinker with experience in data and ROI/ROAS-driven marketing and experience cultivating a database and data-driven marketing
  • Ideally, brings experience in Local/Hyper Local customer acquisition leveraging demographic, geo-fencing and CRM/DB marketing, analysis, campaign management and optimization
  • Readiness to take on a highly visible role as a key member of a growing management team
  • Self-starter type who’s willing to try different things to get the job done
  • Ability to tap the best talent for various channels, be it senior copywriter or TikTok specialist.
  • Deep knowledge of relationship between tele-sales and marketing, with an understanding of how leads convert
  • Thorough understanding of a variety of marketing strategies including email drip campaigns, optimizing search engine results, hyper local, high-value customer targeting, CRM, direct mail, radio spots, social, referrals… with the motivation to pivot and innovate as required