Head of Operations
CONTACT: Jason Navarro:
650.799.6816 (m/txt)


Job Description: Chief Operating Officer, Quantgene

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QG is ushering in a new era of genomics-based, personalized medicine to detect, treat and defeat human disease on an unprecedented scale. Quantgene delivers users their genomic and clinical EMR (Electronic Medical Record) in a Blockchain-enabled NFT, which can be shared securely with medical/clinical professionals to power proactive diagnosis and prevention.

The HOO’s Charter:

  • Oversee all business, lab and commercial operations, accounting/finance, legal, HR, freeing up the CEO to focus on strategy, tech, and innovation
  • Own Project Management, build, and staff the Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Be the organizational architect for the company, design and optimize functional and business unit teams based on strategic objectives.
  • Determine the necessary team members and milestones to make that happen.
  • Rapidly build out teams, introduce processes, structures, finance, reporting, and KPIs.

Insights About This Role

Quantgene’s CEO will identify and assign problems/initiatives with the expectation of getting a competent approach to solving in by tomorrow! Examples include the following:

  • Tactical team optimization: A high performance employee is stretched thin, and we need them in both Serenity and COVID business units. Come up with a plan how to free up their time (e.g., restructure team / hire, use them as resource to empower others without compromising operational excellence in the meantime)
  • Complex vendor and supply decision: Help to set up and drive decision across a complex set of vendors and supplies for the genomics lab using COGS analysis. Use the scientific team as resource to understand what the inputs, outputs and deliverables are.
  • Gross margin calculus: Problems persist in calculating gross margins for certain COVID accounts and the covid BU in total. Need to devise a pragmatic tactical solution, as well as solving the problem strategically. Finance team has worked on this for nearly 12 months, the process is broken. Get it done!
  • Commission strategy and cash management: QG has a partner who has a specific commission agreement that is unclear and can lead to millions of $$ in (unnecessary) payments if not managed correctly. Drive a decision on how to interpret certain commissions, accounts that fall under it and equity vs. cash payments.
  • Develop and deploy alternatives: Same partner gets paid a double-digit commission for new accounts that could be easily acquired by a resource we could hire. Plan and implement a hiring strategy for an alternative person or team.
  • Budgeting and effective management planning: QG lacks an effective system to plan budgets across business units and teams. Need a system to assess total spend per unit, team/members performance, total unit contribution to QG, and decisions on where to cut and where to expand. Here4 as elsewhere, QG needs a system to provide clarity and enable strategic decisions.
  • Risk and ROI assessment on alpha lab: The alpha lab is fresh and thinly staffed. It operates efficiently but very barebones. Need to assess quickly: what is the optimal team structure in this phase, next phase, etc., – who do we need, what roles? What are the key dimensions to cover (core technicians, R&D scientists, compliance management, and risk mitigation). Operations need to assess needs, understand, and define these key dimensions and design a staffing, hiring, budget and ROI plan.


  • World-Class Operations Leader who’s solved complex operational challenges w/ business and GTM models, often vertically integrated to deliver w/ speed and quality
  • Startup Veteran who’s navigated similar stage environments. Embraced the chaos, ambiguity, growing pains and got to scale?
  • Metrics-Driven execution and accountability–Defined the OKRs and then managed to them achieving accountability
  • People-Centered Builder who’s recruited and managed large, high performance teams and created winning cultures
  • Organizational Architect–designed and optimized functional and business unit teams based on strategic business objectives
  • Out of technology companies–recognized innovators on the frontier of sectors like SaaS, AI, Blockchain, Mobility, Biotech, etc. Prefer exper. from a breadth of industries/sectors.
  • Ideally a solid grasp of operational accounting & finance (budgets, margin analysis, planning, forecasting, etc.)


  • Reports to CEO
  • Compensation: Competitive Base Salary + Aggressive bonus potential (based on targeted goals) of 100% of base salary (**uncapped and accelerated for outsized performance!)
  • Equity: Stock option grant vested over four years

The Personality & Cultural Fit at Quantgene: Why you, why now? 

  • Energized by complexity and the ability to create structure and order
  • Fast, nimble, and agile – a fearless pioneer
  • Able to juggle multiple priorities and work in a fast-paced environment while being
  • High intellectual bandwidth and curiosity
  • Scrappy, yet Highly Organized; Fast-paced cadence; a risk-taker and builder who’s driven to succeed; hardcore startup vs. a corporate guy/gal
  • Relentless about execution–a decisive, agile doer who is also a skilled delegator
  • Passionate, Mission Driven and looking to make a real impact on the world. This is not a job, it’s a mission.
  • A “Humble Killer” as Quantgene’s CEO calls it who doesn’t care about title, corporate trappings, fluffy consultant speak and who thrives on execution, innovation and getting s__t DONE!