Head of Product & Technology
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Insights About this Role

This is not your typical Silicon Valley startup story. ØPUS Intelligence was the brainchild of a visionary subject-matter expert who partnered with iconic technology and software founders and funders to take the vision from concept into a well-funded startup. ØPUS was incubated inside of a professional services (marketing / media tech) firm working with the worlds best brands and world class athletes, celebrities, and influencers. To date, ØPUS has leveraged external front- and back-end software development as well as design while brands like Google, Epic Games, and Beats by Dre drive product strategy and vision.

“Our professional services team, ØPUS studio, was built to scale the innovative and disruptive approach to driving sales,” Omar says. The approach is modeled after the marketing Omar did at Nike, Apple and Beats which used talent instead of expensive media to drive revenues from $700M in North America to a multibillion-dollar global brand, and the strategy he built at Beats By Dre, using athletes, artists, and influencers to grow from a $20M North American brand to $2.2B global brand in four years. ØPUS studio has been our ‘wet lab’ to codify, validate and monetize this approach across categories including consumer packaged goods, technology, luxury goods, sports, gaming, social commerce, wellness, appliances, mobile, and fashion. Today, we are advantaged with an accelerated path to product market fit while studio clients, artists and athletes inform product design, product management, features, and functionality of the Øpus Intelligence enterprise SaaS. As subscriptions of ØPUS Intelligence scale, the Studio professional services will be consolidated to accelerate our Saas growth and global expansion.

The Head of Product & Technology (HPT) will partner with CEO Omar Johnson like a co-founder, owning all decisions about technology, infrastructure, product development, and architecture. The HPT will work shoulder-to-shoulder with Omar and the company’s partners, advisors, clients, and investors to nail the product roadmap and successful launch of new services. While Omar establishes the what and why, the HPT will own the how.

Beyond product and technology decisions, the HPT will have a seat at the table setting company direction. The selected HPT will have the confidence and business chops to collaborate with the company’s incredibly powerful “extended family” of advisors and investors to solve problems, leverage gatekeepers, and both secure and serve iconic customers.

Because the core of ØPUS Intelligence’s secret sauce is ØPUS Score, the HPT will bring a kit bag which more than likely contains data science leveraging very large data sets, AI, predictive analytics, web3 and complex algorithm development. Beyond the technical, engineering, and mathematical prowess, the HPT will be a leader and builder of teams, cultures, and commercial, at-scale products.

Critical Selection Criteria:

  • Startup and enterprise software veteran, preferably with experience as CTO or CIO
  • Strong background in data science and predictive analytics. Whether you’ve worked in financial services, e-commerce, or other industries, you’ve handled complex data sets where risk measurement, accuracy, and scale are key
  • Experience building a high-performing team
  • Aptitude for data mining and adapting algorithms for effective incorporation and surfacing of soft intel in addition to hard data
  • Big-picture understanding of how to leverage, curate, and package data for business intelligence and scale automated data across different-sized businesses, combined with ability to track step-by-step minutiae
  • Thought partner for mapping continued build-out of technology against planned phases of growth for the company
  • Presence to interface with investors, partners, and clients, articulating ideas in a clear and compelling way for those with less technical backgrounds

Responsibilities and Deliverables:

  • Mastermind the scoring matrix and ace the API
  • Own decisions on tech stack, architecture of the platform, and data processing
  • Manage a team of data analysts, engineers, coders, and designers, with a focus on flows and UX versus cosmetics
  • Help lead OI to preeminence, setting priorities and marshaling and deploying resources every step of the way

Key Personnel/Cultural Characteristics:

  • Hands-on: Flexible and resourceful, with a figure-it-out mentality and a major bias toward action and results; a doer (not just a delegator)
  • Curious, creative deep thinker about underlying patterns in order to drill down to insights
  • Direct communicator, willing to push back and focus others on priorities as needed
  • Conscientious about maintaining quality standards, whether related to data, DEI, or ESG
  • Passionate about the opportunity to redistribute media wealth toward consumers