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CTO/VP Product & Engineering – STYLEHAUL

Los Angeles (Hollywood)

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With new leadership at the top, StyleHaul is attacking the lifestyle marketplace with renewed vigor and a new focus on strategic growth. It’s no longer a matter of merely gathering the largest number of content creators for a network. Now it’s a matter of putting a well-conceived strategy around those efforts, measuring them against specific KPIs and building toward a specific value proposition.

In this high-growth entrepreneurial environment, StyleHaul needs a CTO/VP of Product and Engineering who can both own and lead the company’s product team, along with envisioning, building and implementing the next generation of influencer marketing technology to support the strategy and vision. You’ll need strong business as well as strategic chops for this role.

But it’s not by any means a “build from scratch” scenario. Solid foundations are in place, as are talented teams to work with. Now it’s a matter of building new levels on top of those foundations.

For the right CTO/VP Product & Engineering, this will be a dream role that combines the freedoms afforded by an entrepreneurial environment with the resources of a highly-regarded global media company, without an excess of layering or structure. In other words, you’ll have significant leeway to build what you want to build in pursuit of the company’s goals and strategies.

RTL Group also happens to be a media leader with a reputation for taking care of its people, providing an environment of financial security and allowing innovation without a lot of structure attached.

The selected individual will need to possess excellent cross-functional team management and technical, analytical and communication skills, coupled with the ability to manage multiple projects concurrently. You’ll need to bring extensive knowledge of and experience with social media APIs and Big Data systems. This is a must for the role!

StyleHaul is specifically looking for someone who brings:

  • A track record of shaping product strategy and growing product adoption in a similar or related environment,
  • A strong understanding of the influencer marketing space and digital advertising systems, and
  • A vision for how the company can better meet the needs of its clients, including brands and creators.

Top Priorities for the StyleHaul CTO/VP of Product & Engineering

  • Work closely with the Executive Team to set direction and translate business priorities into a technical agenda.
  • Analyze markets, products, and competition in order to shape product direction alongside product management, engineering and design teams.
  • Set strategies and frameworks with product management.
  • Manage and mentor software engineering resources on execution as well as growth.
  • Manage a lean technical team and provide hands-on help as needed.
  • Set and guide the technical roadmap, and align to team capacity.

Core Requirements and Must-Haves

  • Experience architecting, developing, and launching SaaS software products in an AWS hosted environment.
  • Communication skills that work well with technical, business, and external stakeholders.
  • A track record of effectively collaborating with cross-functional teams to drive results.
  • An acute understanding of social media APIs and understanding of how data flows from system to system.
  • Understanding of legal compliance within the influencer marketing space (GDPR, COPPA, etc.).
  • Understanding of AI/ML concepts.
  • Experience with Node.js and React.
  • Experience with database architecture (experience with graph databases is a major plus).
  • Senior level engineering leadership cred and chops to set the strategy and provide direction for teams aligned and below.
  • Steeped in organizational agility and discipline.
  • Proven ability to drive final delivery of finished (including properly QA’d and tested) products.
  • You’re more than just a manager. You bring a high EQ and understanding of the “people side” of the engineering equation. You have the leadership, motivational and culture-creation skills capable of convincing team members to stay, without simply throwing money at them.
  • Global experience; understanding of global markets.

Other Key Position Responsibilities

  • Facilitate the use of data and evangelize data-driven practices across the organization.
  • Aggregate, distill and prioritize product feedback from multiple channels, and surface client needs and market requirements to the product, engineering, and design teams for new and existing technology products.
  • Lead cross-functional efforts to test alpha and beta products and identify critical user needs that must be met for a launch-ready product.
  • Ensure all product features and benefits are clearly articulated to stakeholders and users.
  • Guide cross-functional teams in developing internal/external communications, product documentation, and sales collateral.
  • Support post-launch product adoption growth efforts and lead onboarding and championing new systems and processes internally, including training.
  • Support communications, legal and policy teams on inquiries.
  • Maintain teamwork backlogs and running regular team Project Ops communications.
  • Work with internal departments and external partners to create positive, collaborative relationships to deliver high-quality deliverables.
  • Provide leadership, motivation and hands-on direction for the engineering team.
  • Establish and implement technical standards and ensure they are adhered to.
  • Anticipate and react to major technology changes.
  • Be accountable for all engineering decisions, vendor choices, data security, disaster recovery and related functions.   

Experience & Key Qualifications

  • Demonstrated ability to drive resolution in the context of competing perspectives.
  • Organization and people skills and the ability to set priorities, problem-solve, multi-task and work independently in a dynamic, rapidly changing workplace.
  • Experience in digital marketing, agile project management, and technical exposure to web technology in a cross-functional role.
  • Ability to understand and communicate complex concepts and ideas for non-technical people.
  • Understanding of web and digital marketing concepts (MarTech).
  • Familiarity with, and conversant in, contemporary digital media operations and performance tracking techniques, especially those related to influencer marketing
  • Experience in a digital agency, influencer agency, ad-ops vendor or client/brandorganization beneficial.
  • Experience in visual communication & diagramming/prototyping flows and creative systems design will be a strong advantage.
  • Familiarity web development technologies (experience with Javascript is a plus), Influencer marketing tools, Google Marketing tools, Facebook/social APIs, Programmatic, UX/UI paradigms, prototyping, data modeling and taxonomies will be an advantage.
  • Project Management skills, PM certifications a plus.
  • No ego; passion for being part of something big, and you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get things done.
  • 5-10+ years of relevant, proven experience.
  • BA in a related field of study; Masters degree preferred.

Key Personal/Cultural Characteristics

  • Passionate: Excited about taking on challenges: someone not afraid to face important questions at a company building innovative products from the ground up in a highly competitive and evolving marketplace.   
  • Leader and motivator: Builder of teams and companies delivering high-performance results.  
  • A hunger and the fire in the belly to be in a groundbreaking company that will deliver innovative products to market. 
  • Agile and iterative: Test everything, thrive on ambiguity, take risks, make mistakes and course-correct quickly. 
  • Great communicator: Polished presence, self-confidence and a certain level of intensity; able to create productive team dynamics; inspire, persuade and motivate. 
  • Execution and no ego: A tactfully aggressive street fighter who is not afraid to take on the heavy lifting and lead by example.  
  • Player-coach who leads teams by example and mentors people to realize their potential. 
  • Hands-on: Roll up your sleeves and jump in; bias toward getting things done quickly. 
  • Disciplined: Focused on managing costs and schedules. 
  • Entrepreneurial: Flexible and resourceful, with a figure-it-out-and-get-it-done mentality.
  • Smart & insightful: High intellectual bandwidth, but also street smarts and the gut to make the tough calls that don’t always flow from the data.