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VP Engineering – Naked Labs

Los Angeles, CA

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Insights About the Role

Naked Labs (N|L) is now family office-owned + funded and headquartered in Los Angeles with R&D team located in Graz, Austria. N|L is a well-positioned health & wellness company with key advantages and assets that include:

  • >$20M VC funding invested in the product, underlying technology platform and strategy
  • A proven Gen 1 product already developed, built, and shipped to a solid based of loyal customers, with sales of >3,000+ units and >30,000 active users of its mobile app
  • Valuable 3D scanning and related IP, including seven patents (pending), and five others provisionally filed
  • A crack R&D team in Austria, with world-class expertise in computer vision, hardware, firmware and more.
  • A pipeline loaded with inbound interest from potential ecosystem partners ranging from EXOS to Adidas to Rent the Runway to Bonobos (for fashion and apparel sizing technology), along with store-within-a-store interest from giants such as Target and Best Buy.
  • EXOS will soon be installing units of the current Naked product into its training facilities and community centers which will enable the partnership to help shape the user experience and feature set for Gen 2 launch.
  • Additionally, N|L has another ~150 Gen 1 units ready to place into health clubs, high-end training facilities, and related venues to help drive viral adoption and enable its Commercial (B2B2C) model
  • Debt-free, with no pending claims or litigation and fully-funded by Greyscale Holdings to achieve Naked Labs original Series B goals.

In addition to its new CEO, N|L is recruiting a fearless technology and engineering leader (reporting to the CEO) who’s ready to face the parallel challenges of leading an existing R&D and hardware design team in Austria, and swiftly building and unifying a software, cloud and QA team in Los Angeles. N|L is not just handing the VPE the script for execution, but rather looking to partner on the precise technology strategy, budget and staffing plan. So, this is an exciting leadership role with a seat at the table which sets both tech and company direction.

At the heart of Naked’s Gen 1 product are three Intel® RealSense™ D400 series depth cameras, which work together to capture an accurate-to-5mm body scan. The Intel camera’s ability to reliably capture the image with such precision was a major factor for Naked Labs and it is this precision that allows the device to track tiny changes in the user’s body. After scanning, the device’s laptop-grade Intel® Celeron® processor G3930T quickly converts the roughly 4GB of raw data into a compressed, 3-4 MB 3D version of the user. The scans are then automatically synced to the user’s Android or iOS smartphone — all in a matter of minutes. The device also features a 64GB Intel® SSD E 5100s Series for fast, durable, low-power storage.

N|L’s Graz, Austria based team comprises, CTO, Gerhard Schultes, the brilliant R&D lead, along with electrical, firmware and computer vision engineers. The engineering team will collaborate closely with strategic partner, Bardo, the Barcelona-based mobile development team to continue the evolution of N|L’s iOS and Android apps to pixel perfection (building in-house app development capability is also an option). It is highly likely that Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing will be the responsibility of long time award winning partner GHH Innovations. Product Management and UX/UI Design functions will be hired in Los Angeles, under a Head of Product who will also report to the CEO.

N|L appears on the surface to be a hardware company, but it is truly a computer vision, cloud, and mobile software company wrapped around an elegant, breakthrough device. The selected VPE will be from deep engineering roots, before then stepping into management. They will have preferably progressed in more strategic roles owning product/software development, IDEALLY which interfaced with, or better yet, was integrated with hardware, consumer electronics or other device. At a minimum, there is both an appreciation and affinity for software development for hardware.

N|L seeks a visionary VP of Engineering (VPE) who is a forward technology thinker, brings a track record of solving complex, multi-faceted software problems and has an affinity for Health & Fitness. The ideal candidate’s background will emphasize modern software development at scale, but also the ability to oversee computer vision, iOS and Android development, cloud, firmware, hardware and manage a mechanical engineering partner. Further, the validation of computer vision algorithms and product Quality Assurance are crucial to N|L’s solution, so experience with testing infrastructure/systems is key.
The VPE will be responsible for establishing the company’s technical vision and lead all aspects of the company’s technology development. The VPE will be one of the company’s top technology executives, playing an integral role in the company’s strategic direction, development, and future growth.

Principal Charter of the VPE

  1. Partner with N|L’ CEO and Head of Product to quickly establish a strategic and operational plan for the technology vision and product roadmap while energizing the current development organization.
  2. Travel to, assess and bond with the highly motivated, self-organizing and very productive R&D team in Austria comprising the CTO, 1 hardware, 1 firmware and 5 computer vision engineers and meet current strategic design partner (GHH) and mobile development (Bardo) teams to develop a staffing plan for both LA and Graz locations.
  3. Swiftly recruit and build the LA-based Agile Software engineering team with key hires that will include, but not be limited to a Cloud Architect, IoT and Mobile Engineers, a Software Program Manager, a head of QA and QA team. Hire a Head of Computer Vision in Graz or LA.
  4. Articulate the technology playbook including software and product development methodology and the metrics and cadence required to execute on the plan and vision
  5. Complete Gen 2 R&D and ship product. Note: Gen 2 is more of a clever integration than an exotic hardware invention–basically a cross between an Amazon Echo in form factor and a Ring camera in optics complexity. The real power of the device will be in the non-rigid 3D reconstruction algorithms already developed by the existing computer vision team.
  6. Participate as Technology Lead in the development of key strategic, revenue generating partnerships in Fitness, Healthcare and Clothing Retail, where ongoing discussions are underway and the pipeline is robust.
  7. Travel: up to 25% of the time to meet with teams, technology partners and vendors in Europe, as well as key commercial channel and ecosystem partners

Desired Background, Experience and Skill Sets

  • A Clever Integrator vs. an Inventor with a track record of collaborating on product strategy, placing big bets on cutting-edge technologies and delivering disruptive, innovative products to mass consumer/enterprise markets.
  • Startup DNA: Silicon Valley style innovator and entrepreneur at heart who’s completed multiple tours of duty in scrappy, resourceful, startups.
  • Executive with a seat at the table. Whether an encore performer or a step-up candidate, the VPE will have been a strategic, action-oriented senior member of a management team. More than just technical, the VPE will have tackled and solved complex problems, driven critical high-stakes decisions.
  • Shipped multiple successful, high quality commercial products to consumer or enterprise users at scale.
  • High Quality: Reputation for quality, scalability and innovation, in both software code and complex solutions
  • Hardware Savvy: Ideally developed software for a product/solution that includes hardware/consumer electronics (Software and Cloud technologies are the key but must show appreciation of how to develop S/W for H/W).
  • Deep Technology Roots: Academic and professional credentials in hands-on software product development prior to engineering leadership and management
  • Ideally has an affinity for Health/Wellness/Fitness
  • Platform & Ecosystem experience is a strong preference as N|L’ business and revenue model include multiple applications, technology and monetization/distribution partners
  • Strategic: The VPE must truly understand and be able to prioritize in real-time, the big things that matter in any discussion or decision.
  • Leader. With the track record and reputation for building high performance engineering organizations and strong culture.
  • Team Builder: A great tech leader is also a great recruiter and team builder so the VPE will bring a track record of building high performance teams. Ideally, the selected candidate will already have her/his key hires in mind and have a reputation and a network of A Talent looking to join the band!
  • 10+ years of experience working with Software and Cloud Technologies, Firmware or adjacent field
  • BA/BS in computer science/engineering or related field, advanced degree desired.

Personal/Cultural Characteristics

  • Confident, experienced Leader who can quickly establish rapport and build trust with a gifted, and at times headstrong CTO and a super-talented (existing and future) technology organization. Keeps teams and individuals in their swim lanes while engendering a high performance culture
  • Excellent Communicator who can oversee and direct decentralized, global teams and technology partners
  • Sets Clear Expectations and establishes transparency via regular communications
  • Smart & Curious: High intellectual bandwidth and a proven “quick study”; outside the box thinker
  • Nimble & Scrappy: Flexible and resourceful entrepreneur with a test and iterate mentality and style; takes risks and course corrects quickly
  • Credible: Brings reputation, relationships and track record that give a company the stamp of approval with the ecosystem and stakeholders. Highest standards of integrity, honesty and judgment.
  • Humble & Low Ego