Open Opportunity

Systems Software Architect (FPGA, PCIe, Display Port)

San Jose, CA

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Position Overview

This is for the role of System Architect for the world’s highest resolution holographic display ecosystem.  The ideal candidate will have years of experience architecting distributed systems, and have knowledge of the software and hardware blocks required for computing, network, and storage requirements. This candidate will be familiar with FPGA development, embedded systems, and will have a background in imaging or display systems. The candidate will be setting the standard for Light Field Lab’s system design, and will be working daily with a team of software developers, EEs, mechanical engineers, optical engineers, and experts in light field imaging.

Job Duties

Essential Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Generate a system-level architecture for a distributed display system which includes multiple GPUs, video drivers, and custom FPGAs
  • Work with GPU drivers to support gigapixel resolution
  • Determine architecture for sending video signals from a CPU host to a target device using PCIE protocols
  • Work to integrate system software into 3rd party API’s, i.e. gaming engines
  • Architect a custom FPGA that performs data processing of large data sets
  • Generate system-level block diagrams that show the details of how custom FPGAs interface to hardware video display drivers
  • Implement decoding for proprietary codecs in processors and FPGAs
  • Other tasks as assigned

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with EE’s, ME’s, optical engineers, and light field imaging experts to achieve an optimal system design
  • Evaluate new platforms, and work with vendors from all fields

Requirements and Qualifications


  • Experience with large-scale distributed systems, networking, and software infrastructure
  • At least 5 years of experience in taking a lead role in the design for both system software and embedded software realized in C and C++
  • Able to specify detailed block diagrams for the interconnection between CPU’s, PCIE devices, FPGA’s, memory devices, and third-party FPGA hardware video drivers
  • Experience writing drivers in Linux for control of video devices, memory, or other hardware devices
  • Experience programming an FPGA to communicate with a host PCIE bus is a plus
  • Proven experience in working with electrical engineers to bring up the FW for a complex system
  • Experience with architecture of imaging systems and display systems is a plus
  • Familiarity with working with HDMI or Display Port video signals, and familiar with video encoding and decoding protocols
  • Familiar with use of hardware IP blocks in an embedded system
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced startup environment
  • Able to implement video drivers for a high-resolution gigapixel display, and familiar with video synchronization across multiple GPU’s running on multiple systems
  • Familiarity with integration into a 3rd-party gaming engines is desirable
  • Understanding of VOIP is desirable

Key Competencies

  • High-level architecture
  • System software architecture
  • FW development in C and C++
  • FPGA development
  • Display devices and hardware IP blocks
  • Video interface standards such as Display Port and HDMI
  • Video codecs
  • PCIE communication between a target and a host CPU system
  • Video drivers for high-resolution displays