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SVP Engineering – Tenable

Washington DC metro, San Jose or Los Angeles

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Company Overview

Tenable is the first and only solutions provider in a new category of cybersecurity the firm calls Cyber Exposure (similar to what analysts call vulnerability assessment, or VA). Cyber Exposure helps organizations manage and measure cybersecurity risk in the digital era. Tenable is leveraging its deep technology expertise to expand the market to include all modern “attack surfaces” and provide advanced analytics that translate vulnerability data into actionable business insight.  Tenable recently rang the bell at the NASDAQ celebrating their IPO (check out CNBC video) on July 26.

Tenable Highlights

  • Over 24,000 organizations use Tenable solutions to mitigate cyber risks.
  • Global customers include 53% of the Fortune 500 and 29% of the Global 2000, as well as numerous large government agencies.
  • 2017 revenues grew 51% from 2016, largely due to subscription product growth.
  • Q1 2018 revenues were up 46% YoY to $59M
  • Raised $251MM from IPO @ valuation at $2.78B (NASDAQ: TENB)

Position Overview

Be the Cloud Expert Leading a 200+ global engineering team!

The SVPE role is newly created, high-impact position at a breakout, newly public company with the charter of completing Tenable’s transformation into a true Cloud First platform and development org. The SVPE will inherit:

  • Solid product development culture, existing high-performance engineering team and a highly product-oriented CEO serving global enterprise customers!
  • Progressive development philosophy (CI/CD) + super modern & attractive tech stack and nearly 100% Cloud-based SaaS recurring revenue
  • Tenable is focused on transforming cybersecurity w/ products that meet strict, Cloud-based, enterprise-grade standards

Keys To The Role

This is a real cherry of an opportunity at a breakout company with a freshly minted IPO. Tenable is building and doing great things while pioneering a new category and disrupting an old one. This is a newly created position, so the SVPE will have the added opportunity of defining and establishing the role.  Dispersed Dev organization across the USA and Dublin, IRL so SVPE can be based in or commutable to Bay Area, DC, LA. Relo pkg. available.

Tenable has a solid product culture in place, and a highly product-oriented CEO. The company is currently in the throes of transforming itself. Previously it was primarily a mid-market, on-premises company focused on features (at times lacking in quality).  The foundational components are in place, but the SVP will assess whether or not the way things are being done is the right way. For example, is the current cadence (essentially non-stop) of sprints and releases best for going forward?



  • Senior level Software Engineering Executive with a track record of shipping/delivering complex platforms and products to at-scale global markets and customers.
  • Seasoned Leader and Driver of large (ideally >200) decentralized teams in fast-paced product development environments; a clear communicator known for goal-centric KPIs & high accountability
  • Deep Cloud Chops: Experience and a reputation for shipping/launching products (Enterprise/ SaaS or B2C) via Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud (architecture, product development and infrastructure)
  • Growth Stage company experience across demanding, fast-paced growth environments (ideally flourished in both big and small companies). Not seeking a startup specialist; experience in a large (ideally public) company setting should be part of your profile.
  • World-Class Process & Best Practices: Ideally brings extensive CI/CD experience and no stranger to Dev-Ops. Instituted progressive, agile methodologies; set and monitored performance objectives
  • Led dispersed teams and able to travel as required; not afraid to get on a plane and do what it takes with teams, customers and markets around the globe. (Tenable’s engineering team is in various East and West Coast U.S. offices, as well as Dublin, Ireland).


  • Establish the company’s technical vision and lead technology development, in line with Tenable’s strategic direction and growth objectives.
  • Provide leadership, motivation and hands-on direction for the engineering team. A talented team is already in place, and there are no current openings for direct reports, but long-term succession and building bench-strength are critical to this soon-to-be-public company’s sustainability and success
  • Start making things happen from Day One. Make quick decisions, get base-hits and provide insights to guide future decision-making.
  • Own the technology road map, and drive efforts for timely delivery of the Product road map.
  • Execute the strategy for building and scaling the Tenable platform.
  • Establish and implement technical standards and ensure they are adhered to.
  • Anticipate and react to major technology changes.
  • Full accountability for all engineering decisions, vendor choices, data security, disaster recovery and related functions.
  • Systems Architecture – including implementation of new systems and how they communicate among one another.
  • Technology Contracting (outsourced vendor and developer management).
  • Be/become a brand ambassador for Tenable.