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SVP Games

Los Angeles, CA

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Insights About thisRole

The VP or S VP of Business Development will join a small and strong 6 member Magid team in the Gaming and eSports practice , split between LA and New York . You ll be accountable for driving profitable growth in in this unit by developing, implementing, leading and scaling commercial and market development sales activities.

This is a HUGE upside opportunity for the right person to lead the Gaming practice through a transition period, as the world s of entertainment and gaming continue to converge.

The SVP will be selling existing Magid products and services, while also looking to help develop and sell the next big thing. thing.” This include s , for example, Magid s new eDNA product, where the SVPBD will help f ind a market for this new growth opportunity for the Gaming and eSports sector.

You will develop and lead a dynamic, results oriented go to market strategy for the Gaming & eSports practice . This includes leading the effort to accelerate customer acquisit ion as well as repeat business by leveraging Magid s highly differentiated and customized approach, along with high margin consulting services.

Up to this point, the business development efforts in G aming have followed a largely siloed approach. The SVPBD will be responsibl e for establishing a more integrated approach that emphasizes Magid s expertise as a business consulting partner to its clients, in addition to traditional research projects, positioning Magid apart from competitors a s not merely a market research vendor.

A key mandate will be to develop a measurable, scalable, and proactive approach supported by a savvy market development and demand gen strategy and process . You will be responsible for building out the approach and de veloping the necessary resources to attain growth targets.

Leadership Role

As a key member of the team you willbe challenged to lead at the same time that you are planning and implementingthe Gaming & eSports sales strategy and infrastructure, and hitting your growth and revenue targets.

Dutieswill range from high-level involvement to hands-on sales activities with key strategic accounts. The ideal VPBDor SVPBD will come witha strong bias for action and will lead in an entrepreneurial, resourceful manner while consistently delivering results.  

Youmust be able to use Salesforce to trackprocesses and procedures to measure market development activity, and also track ROI, conduct pipeline analysis and ensure accountability and effectiveness. You will integrate withthe company’s culture while also helping evolve that culture. 

Principal Charter for the MagidSVP BD

  • Grow the Gaming and eSports practice at Magid through bringing in new clients and growing existing clients. This will include creat ing the right business development processes for gaming and eSports including cross client sales with the larger Media and Entertainment Group .
  • Drive development of the sales strategy, including product positioning, ideal customer profile, repeatable/cons istent sales process, customer buying processes, cross selling additional services into existing clients, targeting and qualification, sales funnel management, sales messaging, and focus on compelling value proposition s for the Magid story.
  • You ll monito r the pulse of the competitive landscape, as well as that of the customer base business needs in order to develop ancillary products and services; be a hands on working manager ” serving as a coach, sales leader/manager, sales and a strategic contributor.

Core Competencies (the Must-Haves)

  • Domain expertise: The person who fills this role will need to arrive with a deep existing set of industry contacts that can open doors. You will need a clear understanding of the right questions to ask, and the ability to exude credibility and command respect in a room of C level executives.
  • Vision: Highly effective leader with an innate ability to build trust and relationships throughout the organization; adopt a tailored and attentive approach to partnering with team members and clients.
    • Grounded in humility and maintain a laser foc us on the company’s needs
    • Free of any personal agenda or need for ego satisfaction
    • Wired to take satisfaction in the organization s healthy growth as opposed to being motivated by personal levels of significance
    • Steady and persistent approach to improving the organization in a pragmatic and transparent manner
    • Highly effective, relationship based influencer who can insure alignment and buy in throughout the organization
  • Leadership: Ability to foster cross functional team performance and solicit input on key decisions while maintaining responsibility and accountability for strategic decisions. A highly collaborative and inclusive leader.
  • Intelligence/Analytical Skills: Intellectually rigorous and able to engage in and enrich robust discussion, pro blem solving, and planning; display an innate intellectual curiosity; ability to execute will be complemented by a well rounded strategic perspective; have a sound judgment and support efficient and sound decision making.
  • Strategic Skills: Use methodologies to spot and exploit opportunities in account positioning; managing individual goals that correspond to a territory view; understanding and adopting corporate strategic goals; conducting executive level discussion with senior staff at assigned accounts; producing a strategic territory plan; articulating customer value prop and linking solutions to the customer strategy
  • Accountability: Hold people to agreed upon actions and activities; accepts responsibility and discloses results transparently.
  • Empowerment : Intense focus on execution, stretch drive performance, strong bias for action, decisiveness, and a sense of urgency
    • Ambition balanced by ideal levels of empathy for the organization, its customers and stakeholders
    • Highest standards for performance and will professionalize the c ompanys commitment to accountability
    • Fierce competitor and can embed that et hos across the organization
    • Hands on, highly resourceful, and be able to achieve winning outcomes with a backdrop of finite people, process, and technology resources.

Key Qualifications

  • The ideal SVP BD is a battle tested Business Development executive who can be characterized as a builder of sales strategy and teams.
  • A demonstrated track record of business development and deep knowledge within the Gaming space is essential.
  • The S VP of Business Development will be a compelling leader well equipped to drive growth as the company continues to increase in scale and complexity.
  • The successful candidat e will have a strong orientation to delivering winning outcomes and possessing an emotional engine that is contagiously felt throughout the organization. They must drive behaviors that lead to leading and lagging indicators.
  • A desire to work effectively and productivity with the company as a whole, seeking synergies with other functional units outside of Gaming and eSports.
  • The ideal candidate will have early career experience in a larger company, blue chip ” environment with mo re recent experience in a middle market business or otherwise highly entrepreneurial organization that develops, sells, enables and maximizes revenue growth.
  • Bachelor s degree required; MBA a plus.

Personal/Cultural Characteristics

  • Resourceful: Demonstrates resourcefulness when faced with challenges that defy an easy solution; An admired presence, self-confidence; able to gain buy-in and create productive dynamics internally and with key customer stake holders; able to utilize internal and external resources to advance sales campaigns when faced with objections; leveraging customer-centric solutions when company approaches fall short; finding unique sources of supply for projects, sales campaigns and other efforts.
  • Self-Structured: “Self-structure” indicates a preference for determining one’s own priorities and methods for managing tasks. Individuals ranking high in this area tend to be self-disciplined and able to set priorities on their own. Having an internal focus of control, they are able to coordinate multiple activities and typically are good at organizing activities.  
  • Problem Solver: Ability to determine root cause of internal and external problems; develop solutions; oversee and help achieve resolution; ensuring problems don’t re-occur; leverage the management technique of Failure-Based evidence.
  • Ability to Prioritize: Planning time; separating productive vs. non-productive time; reconciling conflicting high priority commitments; managing time to complete ‘A’ priorities before ‘B’ and ‘C’ ones; balancing professional and personal schedules; meeting deadlines; managing meeting times; adapting to customer and prospect schedules.
  • Resilient: Handlesrejection and accept criticismin a manner thatis constructive and growth oriented. Have a healthy, intact ego and a positive self-picture. 
  • Customer Focused: Puts the customer in the focus of everything they do; knows the customer buying process and can identify where each member of the buying decision team is during a sales campaign.
  • Effective Communicator: Exceptional written and oral skills to present company solutions to executive audiences; can maintain attention and engagement when presenting data-rich content; speaking or writing to individuals and groups with minimal presentation time.
  • Persuasive: Uses language and other communication skills to influence business partner and customer actions; convincing peers of the merits of their point of view; managing up; utilizing give get frameworks; presenting to general audiences, industry thought leaders and business partners; presenting company value proposition and solution business cases.
  • Energetic: Demonstrating work pace; meeting deadlines; maintaining work quality in times of heavy workload and stress; impressing customers and partners with high energy state; impacting the work pace of others; thriving in an environment that mandates a fast pace.
  • Tenacious: Sticking to a plan; not being distracted by noise and friction; establishing reputation forbeing tenacious; thinking creatively to avoid obstacles; overcoming adversity; managing goals relentlessly.