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  1. Company is working on real Holography, w/ no Headgear.
  2. Raised ~30MM Series A from top venture firms,. Great opportunity for the right person.
  3. Team has experience in all aspects of the lecosystem, but sees the linchpin as the display hardware so that is our primary focus at this time.
  4. Primary belief of the Company is that shared experiences can only be meaningfully driven with Holography.
  5. To make Holography work, many pixels are needed (think Gigapixels)
  6. Supporting a multi-Gigapixel Holographic display requires new technology, and we have a large IP portfolio in support of the innovations required
  7. One such area of innovation is the mechanisms to drive the correct light emissions to support the visual acuity of the human eye.
  8. Ultimately, we envision enabling myriad applications, including the concept of a true Holodeck, similar to what has been visualized in science fiction.
  9. Need team members who want to be part of the next step is visual display.

Vinod Khosla, Founder, Khosla Ventures: “This is essentially the holy grail of optical display technology, enabling things that seem like science fiction to be possible today. We are thrilled to be in on the ground floor with the team, and look forward to helping evolve this exciting technology.”

Building the world’s highest resolution holographic display requires a multidisciplinary team of SW Engineers, Optical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Light Field experts, and others who must work together effectively and efficiently. The Project Manager will organize and coordinate activity between teams, contractors, and vendors.


The ideal candidate has a technical background, experience as a Project Manager, and has worked with an interdisciplinary team. The Project Manager is expected to be the primary facilitator for our product development efforts, ultimately enabling progress and speeding issue resolution.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Schedule and hold internal meetings, vendor meetings, and monthly/quarterly reviews
  • Timely identification of blockers and general impediments to meeting project objectives
  • Own the maintenance of data in a tracking tool, and ensure that it is being used and updated appropriately
  • Follow up with co-workers, contractors, and vendors to exchange information on goals, milestones, risks, and issues
  • Participate in project planning, and communicating goals and objectives to all team members
  • Generate periodic reports as required by various projects
  • Keep notes and records for meetings as needed, and be able to start and end each meeting with an agenda including a summary of expected deliverables and follow-up on action items
  • Reach out to team members and perform independent research in order to better understand the technology LFL is creating





  • Bachelor’s Degree in a STEM field is strongly preferred, graduate work is desirable
  • A minimum of five years experience as part of a team, directing work efforts within a team, or performing specific work in project management
  • Understanding of project planning, including goal definition, work plan development, stakeholder management, estimating, resourcing, tracking, risk management, issue management, and implementation
  • Knowledge of methods to manage scope, scheduled, and budget while maintaining project quality expectations
  • Ability to communicate effectively with co-workers, superiors, subcontractors, vendors, and customer representatives to exchange or convey information in a timely, accurate manner
  • Strong leadership and motivational skills in managing multi-disciplinary teams
  • Skilled in organizing resources and establishing priorities
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks, often with competing deadlines
  • Ability to handle difficult and sensitive situations, using sound, common-sense judgment
  • Experience with a variety of project tracking tools and methods
  • Proficient with Word and Excel