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Product Design role for a solid very cool start-up client based out of Southern California but company is fully remote now and will remain so after Covid.  Great team, great business model.  Please take a look at the description below and let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested. More than happy to pass on finders fees for referrals.

We are 6 year old technology company in the real estate space on a mission to make buying and selling a home a truly delightful experience. To us, this mission is urgent, and we pour our hearts, minds, and every bit of energy we have into it. We have a flywheel-driven business model with a company culture that is built upon helping people uncover their biggest strengths and empowering them to use them to the fullest extent possible. We’re also delightfully weird, and take pride in being authentically ourselves. If this sounds like a place you’d find interesting — keep reading!

We have a “work from anywhere” company culture. This means you have complete freedom to decide where you want to work (at home, at a coffee shop, in our office in Orange, California once it reopens safely, or traveling the country van-life style). If you have a strong WIFI signal and are available during essential working hours, you’re good. Therefore, we are open to candidates in any location in the US. Learn more about how we work here. 

Product Design Role

Our UX Team is seeking an experienced (mid to senior) Product Designer to join us in designing products that span multiple web and app interfaces. This person should be particularly experienced in designing optimized iOS and Android UI. We are prioritizing candidates who have significant real world experience applying UX skills on a product team. Our Product Designers have early exposure to the latest ideas in the company and the autonomy to design the best solutions within any project. Therefore, this role requires a high level of creative maturity. A mature product designer understands how to weigh business needs and user priorities – capable of putting work aside, scrapping ideas, pivoting, and operating as if all designs are subject to change in order to accomplish our greater objectives as a company.  

What you’ll do 

You will be empowered to continue making our products the best in buying and selling homes. We encourage and reward those who take initiative – you will see your ideas come to life, quickly. Your work will be an essential part of how we reshape the real estate industry, now. Our product designers strive for a “full stack” approach when it comes to design skills. Though we need a new teammate who specializes in app design, you will also design web and mobile web experiences. We work and play in Figma; you don’t have to have a ton of experience with this design tool, but you will need to be able to jump in from Sketch, Xd, or whichever other design stack your previous team used. 

You must be exceptional in the following ways:

  • Collaboration: You’ve got the confidence to defend or concede points without ego, know when to call meetings and when to document, and social skills come naturally to you. This exceptionalism allows you to collaborate joyfully and effectively both within your team and beyond. 
  • Empathy: Your empathetic outlook is a defining part of you and it extends to everyone – your colleagues and our users notwithstanding. You have a community first mentality as opposed to a competitive edge. 
  • Communication: You know how to ask for, give, and receive feedback. You help others get better at this too, just by being you. Your speaking and writing skills are top notch, which helps your communication prowess translate to asynchronous channels, documentation, and UX Writing
  • Innovation: You are in tune with your imagination and feel energized by challenges that force us to innovate. Constraints fuel your creativity. You know when to utilize and when to break standards.

Daily Duties:

  • Design satisfying and effective end-to-end user experiences across a variety of features and apps that make up our product ecosystem
  • Work with researchers and stakeholders to embrace other parts of the UX cycle (ideation, research, testing, etc) to deliver the best experience possible. 
  • Know the UX process well enough to decide when to employ a step and when to skip ahead.
  • Contribute to and help maintain our design system.
  • Participate in (and sometimes facilitate) design reviews, stakeholder meetings, and asynchronous collaboration channels within and outside of your team
  • Autonomously identify the problems, users, goals, and outcomes behind any project and when you cannot identify those, you speak up to make we’re investing design time wisely
  • Know when to defer to OS-specific Human Interface Guidelines, and share this knowledge with the rest of the team
  • Help define and stick to an MVP, knowing when to defend scope (or increase it) for any given design task or project


  • At least 4 years of post-education UX/product design experience, with 2 or more years experience working on a product/design team on long term projects.
  • Experience designing products that are consistent yet optimized across responsive web, iOS, and Android. 
  • Practical experience or knowledge of how to work with an existing brand and design system
  • Experience working directly with engineers (collaboration, annotation, handoff)
  • Strong visual design and interaction design skills 
  • Ability to articulate, annotate, and provide evidence for the UX strategy behind your UI. (Make sure your portfolio or showcased project meets this requirement.)

Nice to have:

  • Experiencing optimizing designs for accessibility 
  • Experience shifting a team/product from pure web design to web and app design
  • Experience managing a design system or building one for an already existing product 
  • Product-led growth model experience (especially designing for high conversion)
  • Real estate tech experience (especially designing for homebuyers/owners)

Please Note: To be considered for this high impact role, you must have a portfolio we can review and be willing to showcase recent or relevant projects during the interview (even if via screen share with an NDA) so we can understand your skillset. Some of this must be real work experience (as opposed to spec work or coursework). Show us what you’ve got! We’re super excited to meet you.