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Co-Founding President/COO

Los Angeles

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About iONi [pronounced eye·on·eye]

iONi is a super high-potency early stage startup (founded 2020) creating the world’s premier streaming platform for contemporary art – a high concept SaaS venture akin to “Spotify for Art.” The company’s founder and driving force – Blaise Patrick – is one of the world’s foremost art dealers in the private/discrete marketplace populated by top celebrities, athletes, tech titans and other high net worth individuals, along with exclusive galleries and world class museums.

Mission & Vision:

iONi’s mission is to make contemporary art accessible – “Art for All”. It envisions a future where everyone has their own personal collection of contemporary masters, made available via low-cost, subscription-based streaming access, rather than high-cost direct ownership. iONi will deal in multiple lines of media, including painting, photography, video, VR/AR, music and others.

Insights into the COO Role:

As Founder & “Chief Creative Officer”, Blaise Patrick’s primary role is on the creative and supply sides of the venture, as noted above. iONi needs a COO to make it all work together, drive it forward with urgency, skill and finesse…someone who can demonstrate a powerful presence with an ability to really bring Blaise’s vision – and the business – to life!

Personality and Cultural Fit:

  • Dynamic, entrepreneurial, get-things-done background and approach
  • Someone who clearly sees, understands and shares the broad iONi vision that anticipates a screen showing artwork in every household, and the many types of varied art experiences technology can offer users
  • A start-up, execution mindset to make certain activities are properly prioritized, partnerships are consummated and everyone involved – internal and external – is delivering.
  • Attention to accuracy & detail; a data/analytics orientation; Highly goal-oriented; deadline sensitive

COO Primary Mandate:

  • Secure funding! Set the fund-raising strategy and lead effective iONi fund-raising
  • Align all efforts to attract the top tech firm partners, artists, galleries and others
  • Oversee build-out of the iONi platform, including AI/ML components, app, personalization and recommendation engines, etc.
  • Lead iONi efforts to:
    • Build buzz via strategic partnerships, placements and influencer marketing
    • Showcase the platform via top international art events, luxury hotels, fashion brands and venues
    • Entice artists to promote iONi on their own platforms
    • Get top tech firms and aggregators (think Apple) to pre-load iONi on screens and devices
    • Devise and implement an effective free trial subscription strategy

Target COO Profile:

  • A startup veteran, who has:
    • Had to swiftly work through myriad options and nailed the go-to-market strategy
    • Moved nimbly as market conditions have changed and achieved product-market fit
    • Gotten to revenue and Commercial success (and ideally some level of scale)
  • You’re “Founder savvy” – meaning you’ve partnered with visionary Founder(s) before, and “get” the role they play in concert with the role of the COO
  • You bring depth of experience and ideally relationships in digital media; subscription streaming media/SVOD would be a huge +, but at a minimum, you’ve successfully monetized content
  • You’ve led or been a key participant in convincing investors to back an early stage venture; this experience and your drive, your gravitas and your reputation make you a “bankable” COO
  • Though you may never have had a sales or business development title, you’ve been a key player in pitching, selling and closing strategic deals