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President/COO Snack Nation

Culver City (Los Angeles), CA

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Position Description: President / COO

Since inception in 2015, SnackNation has built a $30M recurring revenue business, serving over 5,000 companies across the U.S. – all with just one product line, “better for you” snacks (the ideal trojan horse).

As expansion into new product lines takes the company to an expected 3x those revenues within a few years, it needs a strong, internally-focused President / COO with the operational chops to scale from within, forecast and hit revenue goals, and generally, make the trains run on time across the company. Ideally, your overall role would break down to about 50% supervisory, 25% technical, 20% strategy and 5% administrative.

A few of the most important things you’ll need to tap from your operational toolbox are:

  1. Financial management expertise
  2. Experience managing a team of 200+ employees, and
  3. Deep understanding of B2B revenue channels

SnackNation continues to move & innovate at the speed of a start-up, but is now the size of a more mature business. It will be up to you to prioritize the most essential needs of the business, calculate the impact of these decisions on all stakeholders (Board, CEO, department leaders, individual contributors, customers, brands & others), and execute/manage accordingly.

Principal Charter for the SnackNation President/COO

  • At SnackNation, the President/COO must keep the pulse of all departments and every aspect of the business that impacts financial success, including revenue, expenses and related KPIs. The cadence moves quickly and each week will bring its own set of challenges and opportunities.
  • Enter each new week with an understanding of that week’s goals and how they relate to quarterly objectives and key results (OKRs), and the annual budget. The day is typically spent 1-on-1 with the department leaders to ensure that each Leader is focused on the right objectives and that he/she has the resources required to overcome roadblocks.
  • Remove any communication or knowledge silos between departments and align everyone to row in the same direction at the same cadence.
  • Listen & be attentive – it is your job to identify what people are telling you (or not telling you) about the current concerns at an individual or department level that will impact the company as a whole. Be proactive in getting in front of these potential risks/gaps in the business.
  • Coach/develop each company leader and equip them to solve similar issues when they arise in the future – build a bench of talent to lead the future SnackNation.
  • Pursue sustainable success by finding the right balance between the company leaders wanting to test/implement multiple new ideas/solutions, while ensuring the resources & planning are in place for perfect execution to achieve the highest probability of success for what is most important.

Core Competencies

  • Experience launching new products/initiatives in a fast-paced, ambiguous environment.
  • Innate ability to bring order to chaos, without inhibiting the growth that comes from chaos (that is, keep the train moving as fast as possible, but don’t let go off the rails).
  • Someone who can empathize as a leader and coach future current/future leaders to take the next step in their career.
  • Someone who inherently possesses SN’s core values – especially “Grit Without Ego”. The person who fills this role must understand that this is a collaborative culture and everyone is aligned around the company’s mission/vision – not for individual credit/fame. Your success will be measured by the success of others and the company overall.

Core Requirements & Desired Experience

  • “Own” the budget that you create and manage with the VP of Finance. This will include working with Sales/Marketing/MST for revenue; Brands/Operations for COGS; Dept Heads for expenses, and Finance for cash flow.
  • Own the following:
    • Quarterly goals/OKR process (goal setting & execution/follow-through).
    • Executive/Leadership meeting cadence and agenda.
    • Board Deck/Presentation and Employee Stock Option Plan for all employees.
  • Be a part of the hiring process to validate all new hires align with company mission, vision, core values.
  • Support operational decisions that alter the SN supply chain; technical decisions on the Product Roadmap and prioritization; and revenue decisions that strategically impact the financials.
  • Organizer extraordinaire, with proven ability to build and scale infrastructure, systems, metrics and biz ops.
  • A bridge-builder with an interest and background in creating and managing successful relationships that last for the long term; can bring together disparate constituencies and eliminate communication gaps.
  • Experience delivering physical products; ability to put products into trucks and deliver.
  • B2B revenue generation, operational, and financial expertise.
  • Financial expertise in modeling, strategies, forecasting – not necessarily hands on but driving and leading financial planning and analysis.
  • Proven experience running the trains on time and love doing it. (The CEO focuses on culture, strategy, corporate development, vision, etc.) You handle the rest.
  • Experience managing in a tech-oriented business – ability to assess what engineering and product tech teams are delivering.
  • Data focus! Deep understanding of data analytics and insights

Key Personal/Cultural Characteristics

  • Entrepreneurial: Flexible and resourceful, with a figure-it-out-and-get-it-done mentality.
  • Passionate: Excited about taking on the exciting challenges of building SnackNation. You’re someone not afraid to ask and answer the tough questions.
  • Innovator: Innovation is a core value at SnackNation and something you’ll need to have fully baked into your operational DNA as well.
  • Leader and motivator: You’re a builder of high-performance teams and companies delivering high-performance results.
  • Risk taker: You aren’t afraid to try things; break things; fail fast and move to or rebuild something even better. You’re agile, iterative and test everything. But you also can thrive on ambiguity, take risks, make mistakes and course-correct quickly.
  • Great communicator: You’ll bring a polished presence, self-confidence and a certain level of intensity; able to create productive team dynamics; inspire, persuade and motivate.
  • Execution and no ego: A tactfully aggressive street fighter who is not afraid to take on the heavy lifting and lead by example.
  • Player-coach who leads teams by example and mentors people to realize their potential, but also is a playmaker that isn’t afraid to jump in and lend a hand to get things done, whenever and wherever needed.
  • Smart & insightful: High intellectual bandwidth, but also street smarts and the gut to make the tough calls that don’t always flow from the data.