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Optical Lab Technician

San Jose, CA

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Very Cutting edge 3D hologram start-up in San Jose CA.  Doing 3D hologram display with NO headset, glasses, goggles.  Vinod Khosla, Founder, Khosla Ventures:  “This is essentially the holy grail of optical display technology, enabling things that seem like science fiction to be possible today.  We are thrilled to be in on the ground floor with the team, and look forward to helping evolve this exciting technology.” 

Position Overview:

This is the opportunity to work on the development of the world’s highest resolution holographic display. You will play a crucial role in building the manufacturing process, characterizing some of the world’s most advanced optics and materials, and assembling and testing prototype and production light field displays.

Job Duties:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities 
  • Maintain an organized lab environment, and order consumables and other common lab supplies
  • Assemble systems in the lab, consisting of optical materials, electronics, and custom mechanical structures
  • Work with engineers to measure the properties of optical components
  • Carry out experiments to determine the best manufacturing processes for optimal optical alignment, bonding, and system testing
  • Work with engineers to develop methods for molding revolutionary materials to be used in light field displays
  • Other tasks as assigned 2 Other Duties and Responsibilities
  • Some soldering
  • Able to perform simple mechanical modifications using a hand drill or Dremel tool

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Experience working in a lab environment
  • Ability to find and purchase basic lab equipment and lab supplies
  • Comfortable with development and manufacturing environments
  • Familiar with UV cure bonding, ultrasonic cleaning, and basic soldering
  • Familiar with optical components such as lenses, test charts, cameras, microscopes, and filters
  • Experience with optical assemblies, including positioning systems, alignment, and bonding
  • Experience operating automated testing software
  • Familiarity with optical breadboard setups consisting of translation stages, rails, mounts, and clamps is a plus
  • Experience with forming and molding materials for manufacturing is a plus
  • Comfortable with clean room practices and procedures
  • Able to manipulate and modify small assemblies Key Competencies
  • Lab environment
  • Sourcing of basic lab equipment and supplies
  • Familiar with development and manufacturing environments
  • Basic understanding of optical components
  • Assembly of optical systems
  • Optical breadboard setups
  • Proficient in basic computer skills
  • Basic lab equipment