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GM, Product

Monrovia, CA

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Insights About this Role

Juvo+ is on a meteoric rise as one of the top third-party sellers on Amazon’s platform. As the company continues to scale rapidly, the need for additional senior level leadership to complement the already strong executive team is critical. The General Manager, Product position is a new role, working shoulder to shoulder with the CEO and other top management. This GM will manage the Product Development group and work hand-and-hand with key members of the enterprise with a focus on product market fit across the portfolio, category development, product positioning, quality, yield optimization, and profit. As shared earlier, the company is rich in data, has the tools to identify high opportunity consumer products and therefore needs an analytical leader to take the helm of this portion of the business to both organize and mature the product development operation and its ability to tackle products of greater opportunity, complexity, consumer expectations and entrenched competition. The right candidate will have the ability to serve as a catalyst driving the organization to a new level of competency in its ability to grow its product catalog in a disciplined and data driven manner. We are open on the specific background of this executive, but what is clear is the need for this individual to have operated in a metrics driven environment; they will have made fast decisions steeped in data; they will have the confidence, discipline, and charisma to lead and mentor direct and indirect teams, own the P&L’s and related budgets, and get the organization excited and focused on revenue related KPI’s. The right GM might – or might not – have a consumer-focused ecommerce background, but in any case will have the ability to get inside the buyer’s head across disparate product lines. They will own the product mix and market fit (based on data sources), and be a “yield hacker’ who continuously looks for opportunities to grow more profitably across all product lines. With the data, tools, and budgets available for success, this GM will bring the quantitative skills, management rigor, drive and initiative to further hone and expand the teams while hitting target and stretch growth milestones. This is a high-visibility, high-impact role where the next stop on the career path could well be a COO, CEO or other corner office position. The timing is right, the career upside opportunity is huge, and the growth potential at Juvo+ is set for a major win.

Core Competencies & Key Responsibilities for the Juvo+ GM, Product

  • You are super organized and extraordinarily data-driven in your decision-making.
  • Ability to nail product market fit, at scale.
  • Rapidly recognize (through data and analysis) and extract more and newproduct/category opportunities to grow revenue.
  • Assess opportunities for relevancy, revenue potential, expected margin, competitive situation and what competitive advantages Juvo+ might have (design, features, quality, value, presentation, etc.).
  • Senior enough to lead, but still someone willing to go sleeves-up and hands-on. The ability to be hands on during the first 18 months is critical. We need someone who will jump right into the weeds and build their way up and out to a more strategic footing. More action, less PowerPoint.
  • An uncanny knack for problem solving. You have a clear track record of recognizing what is stuck, and unsticking it.
  • Ability to move effortlessly between different operational contexts –for example, from thinking at one moment about what technologies can scale global collaboration and create clean inputs to data mining algorithms, to at the next, how to perfectly serve the needs of a mom throwing a unicorn themed birthday party for her 8-year-old.
  • Ability to simultaneously think and act like a revenue team leader, focused on quotas, volume, deals closed, deal size/quality, etc. –all with a go-go-go mentality. Able to instill the confidence and excitement into the teams and broader organization.
  • You’re a quick study at how to hack your way onto the top product search results, and you can lead this with existing and new hires.
  • Develop the needed“data darts” that will help Juvo+ execute bull’s-eye new product introductions.
  • Problem solving mindset; i.e. Do we have the right products in the right categories? Where can we further optimize? How do we improve sales? Etc.
  • In addition to having a problem solving mindset yourself, you have the ability manage your team in the same way, and show or motivate them to be problem solvers and yield hackers themselves.
  • Critical thinker with the ability to exploit inefficiencies.
  • Ability to deal with lots and lots of inputs.
  • Balance demands and needs of season products vs. year-round products. Are seasonal products worthwhile to pursue?
  • Provide team leadership, including day-to-day operations, budgets, KPIs, productivity analysis, etc.
  • Establish metrics to drive decisions for the team; track, analyze and understand the implications of associated metrics.

Key Success Metrics

  • Nail product/market fit at massive scale.
  • Impact& Outcomes! How have you moved the needle?
  • Increase the efficiency of the Category Management team.
  • Create best communication and feedback loops among Product Development, Category Management, Product Design, Merchandising, and Marketing teams.
  • Have systematically tapped (or “strip mined” if you will) all of the best opportunities by category.
  • Increased revenue and product / category expansion with a focus on profits.

Background, Experience & Key Qualifications

  • Product management functional experience of some kind.
  • Experience with SEM, SEO and adjacencies is a plus, although not a must.
  • You come out of a modern, digital problem-solving background.
  • Experience with retail and some kind of e-commerce environment; or show evidence for being a quick study in these areas. You can solve for traffic, conversion, optimize yield management, etc.
  • Experience working in above areas at scale.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field; MBA a plus.
  • 10+ years experience in relevant field.
  • Ecommerce experience preferred, but not required.
  • Strong communication (written, verbal) skills.
  • Experience with the implementation of OTS solutions such as Tableau, NetSuite, QuickBooks(enterprise), etc.
  • Resourceful, entrepreneurial spirit; someone who can lead by example.
  • Ability to travel to China 3-4 times per year for 2 weeks at a time.

Key Personal/Cultural Characteristics

  • Passionate: Excited about taking on the exciting challenges of buildingJuvo+. You’re someone not afraid to ask and answer the tough questions.
  • Innovator: Innovation is a core value at Juvo+ and something you’ll need to have fully baked into your operational DNA as well.
  • Leader and motivator: You’re a builder of high-performance teams and companies delivering high-performance results.
  • Risk taker: You aren’t afraid to try things; break things; fail fast and move to or rebuild something even better. Sure, you’re agile, iterative and test everything. But you also can thrive on ambiguity, take risks, make mistakes and course-correct quickly.
  • Great communicator: Communication and collaboration are major pillars at Juvo+. You’ll bring a polished presence, self-confidence and a certain level of intensity; able to create productive team dynamics; inspire, persuade and motivate.
  • Execution and no ego: A tactfully aggressive street fighter who is not afraid to take on the heavy lifting and lead by example.
  • Player-coach who leads teams by example and mentor people to realize their potential, but also is a playmaker who isn’t afraid to jump in and lend a hand to get things done, whenever and wherever needed.
  • Hands-on: A major bias toward getting things done quickly. Again, more action, less PowerPoint. We don’t ‘socialize’ ideas, we act on them.
  • Entrepreneurial: Flexible and resourceful, with a figure-it-out-and-get-it-done mentality.
  • Smart &insightful: High intellectual bandwidth, but also street smarts and the gut to make the tough calls that don’t always flow from the data.