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Full Stack Engineer


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NOTE:  This role is open in either NYC or Santa Monica, CA offices.
Company is building next-generation quantitative analysis software with consumer design principles at the center. The system is built in Go, Python, and react and designed to capture the state-of-the-world in the private markets (both historical and real-time) and yield useful financial analysis, fast. We’re making software that’s delightful to use, helping both investors make brilliant investment decisions and operators understand the financial metrics that matter. The system enabling this requires a true-multidisciplinary approach to build- from data science to high-performance distributed computing to human-centered design and research.

Role Description

The Full Stack Engineer (FSE) will work across all of the company’s systems. They should pride themselves at being autodidactic- there will be no shortage of coding patterns, performance consideration, or customer usability challenges that require a large breadth of knowledge.
This role will be less about what you know, and more about how quickly you can pick up new skills. The FSE will be awesome at applying strong software engineering fundamentals to new domains. Never heard of the saga side-effect model for react or the challenges in maintaining type safety? What about ensuring our data ingestion pipeline uses good patterns to make it hard to “lock up” (deadlock, livelock, etc..) our pipeline? How should we tackle a weird issue with scala → python type translation in Apache Arrow 0.9.0? The FSE will feel right at home finding answers with other talented teammates.


  • Strong computer science fundamentals (undergraduate degree or equivalent)
  • 5+ years software engineering experience
  • 3+ years experience working with react and similar front-end technologies
  • Experience designing and implementing well-architected APIs
  • Demonstrated ability to ship an end-to-end product