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Frontend Developer


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This position is part-time exchange for equity to start. Company is raising a seed round currently and this could grow into a full time paid permanent position soon.

FRIDAY has two simple goals: get your data back for you, and help you use it.
Get Your Data: Last year data brokers made $69B in revenue off of consumer data. The new privacy laws create a unique opportunity to force the return of all that data back to the consumer. FRIDAY will then consolidate that into a user-controlled profile, while forcing the data brokers to delete their copy.

Use Your Data: FRIDAY is building a proprietary tokenized authentication system that lets users share their preferences, taste and behavior history for personalization, customization and incentives, all without sharing their PII (personally identifiable data.)
FRIDAY is 100% committed to shifting full control and ownership back to consumers, and breaking the monopoly current brokers have on personal data.

SelfPass Highlights:

  • Founding team out of Cyber-Security (Norton, Kyriba), Personal Data (Experian), Retail (BestBuy) and Marketing (RetailMeNot)
  • MVP Mobile app development completed
  • MVP tokenized auth development completed
  • Developing back-end based on zero knowledge proof architecture, to ensure maximum privacy and security for consumers
  • Filing multiple patents
  • Partnering with industry leading authentication provider to provide scale to 1M users without incurring any COGs
  • Advisors include frmr FBI Cyber-Security Asst. Director, frmr Navy SEALs Special Operations COO, and head of privacy practice at Cooley LLP
  • Conf. overview here:

Front-end Engineer

Friday is seeking engineers who are equally committed to the art and science of building web-based applications. The right candidate for our team understands that every touchpoint along the user journey is crafted with ease-of-use, clarity in action, and delightful outcomes. We are seeking engineers that have an innate understanding of design principles and a solid ability to execute from the programming perspective. We appreciate and respect strong opinions on front-end development approach, with corresponding examples from your portfolio.


  • Build next generation web applications using React, HTML, GraphQL, CSS as core technologies to develop a responsive user experience.
  • Engineer applications with an eye on rapid evolution and creative problem solving.
  • Design and develop web applications that are data driven and flexible to quickly adapt to multifaceted test results.
  • Work closely with the broader team to understand details and constraints of technical implementations.
  • Quickly discover technical solutions through agile spikes
  • Provide full SDLC and post-launch support for task development, deployment and defects.
  • Writing full test coverage and documentation for your code.

Skills / Qualifications

  • Expertise in HTML / CSS / JavaScript / React Framework
  • Proficiency with the transfer of JSON and APIs as a datasource
  • Knowledge of UI design patterns
  • Prior experience developing cross browser and cross platform solutions
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent degree
  • 5-8 years of web development experience