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Email Marketing Manager – Catasys

Los Angeles, CA

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Develop and execute consumer marketing strategies and plans for leading behavioral healthcare organization.  Define, implement and rapidly optimize consumer acquisition campaigns via email and text for existing and new products.  Collaborate cross functionally to ensure a seamless member acquisition and enrollment experience.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Guide the positioning of the OnTrak brand with members.
  • Develop and apply deep consumer understanding through data analysis and qualitative insights.
  • Define and monitor competitive landscape for member communications and experience.
  • Identify trends in the delivery of healthcare and recommend relevant product enhancements.
  • Develop digital process flows and triggers for integrated, personalized campaigns based on consumer need and persona.
  • Continually identify, test, analyze and refine new approaches to consumer acquisition.
  • Develop and optimize content for consumer acquisition campaigns.
  • Develop strategy for member-facing social media platforms.
  • Set objectives, develop measurement plans, analyze and report on key metrics.
  • Work cross functionally to ensure telephonic, print and digital messaging is on brand and consistent.
  • Work with Compliance to ensure all campaigns and content are compliant and meet customer requirements.


  • 5 years of digital marketing experience in consumer healthcare, preferably behavioral healthcare
  • Proven data analytics skills
  • Strong project and process management skills, including the ability to prioritize, sequence, execute and deliver projects on time and on budget
  • Deep experience with CRM and Marketing Automation systems