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Director of Sales (DoS)

Los Angeles, CA

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Insights into the Role:

The revenue team currently includes 11 territory sales reps, 6 account managers and 11 brand ambassadors that operate throughout California and out of LP’s headquarters in West LA.

VP, Sales, Danny Corral is looking for an ambitious, professional sales manager and revenue leader to become DoS. The selected candidate will have achieved success in building and scaling high performance sales teams and crushing revenue targets while engendering a fun and passionate culture. Cannabis is a new industry and Loudpack is an emerging Unicorn and market-leader in the world’s biggest opportunity—California.

The sales organization structure has basically been flat, but with the steady revenue growth and the expansion of dispensaries across CA, there is a requirement for a sales leader who can manage the field sales team and build a high performing pack of hunters responsible for opening new accounts and managing the existing business effectively in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment. Territory Sales Reps work in pods alongside Account Managers and Brand Ambassadors and in conjunction with Marketing for collateral and Sales Operations for market analysis and systems support.

Director of Sales’ Charter

Danny seeks a Partner who can implement a repeatable selling methodology, standard operating procedures (SOPs), systems and best practices with just the right amount of process at the right time to ensure that current goals and objectives are hit without sacrificing long term scalability. The playbook that the DoS and Danny create will be replicated and deployed across the country as Loudpack expands into new states.

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Enable the VP of Sales to focus on strategic business initiatives by creating a buffer with sellers; Enhance communications with the entire sales team to extend LP’s culture of transparency and constant learning
  • Own the Sales Budget and be a partner in the development of sales strategies, goals and quotas; make the business case for the staffing plan and resources required to hit your plan
  • Recruit, build and lead a team of sales hunters capable of achieving aggressive revenue and margin growth targets; build trust with the existing sales team & create a culture of success and fun! Make LP a team that top sales talent want to join!
  • Help perfect the sales staff compensation and incentive programs that motivate the sales team to achieve their sales targets
  • Develop and Deploy Best Practices across selling process, sales training, discounting and other policies
  • Ensure Accountability of all sellers by tracking, measuring and reporting KPIs and critical activity; analyze the data related to sales process success and implement the ongoing changes & improvements
  • Collaborate with marketing to ensure that our reps have the collateral that they need to be successful
  • Monitor customer, market and competitor activity and provide feedback to company leadership team and other company functions
  • Conduct Territory, Account and Individual rep Reviews on a regular basis to maintain constant improvement
  • Lead from the Front by taking sellers out on sales calls, account visits and customer and prospect entertainment

Skills & Experience Required

  • A proven, driven and action-oriented sales leader who is either “been there, done-that”, or an up-and-comer who’s been part of a growth story but hasn’t yet had a chance to lead the charge
  • Success! Exceeded quotas; set records; won performance awards and been part of company growth stories
  • Self-starter who can hit the ground running and LEAD; LP is looking to “steal somebody’s lunch” not provide on the job training…
  • A true sales mentor who can recognize and foster talent
  • Entrepreneurial bent, with ability to step into an organization where hyper-growth, controlled chaos and constant change are the order of the day; hands-on with all aspects of the business; able to move things forward and deliver continuous results without constant direction via on-site chain of command
  • Excellent interpersonal verbal and written communication skills required
  • Familiarity with CRM and ERP systems and other collaboration platforms which streamline selling
  • Must be willing to travel up to 50 percent of the time
  • Knowledge of Cannabis and an affinity for the culture preferred
  • Domain experience from Wine/Spirits or related CPG market sector is a Plus

“We didn’t join this industry, we helped create it from scratch.”

Personality & Cultural Fit

At Loudpack, our people, our plants and our products are what set us apart. We exist to develop and distribute the highest quality cannabis on Earth. At Loudpack:

  • Quality is everything
  • Cannabis is our Craft
  • Feeling Good is our Mission
  • Educate—don’t mandate