Open Opportunity

Real-Time VFX Artist

Culver City, CA

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Positions available with very cool VR company doing something no one else has done, combining Virtual Reality and Music. Company has already turned down on acquisition offer from one of the largest tech companies in the World. You’ll work with our Art Director and Technical Art Director to create engaging, stylized VFX that enhance the live, motion-captured performance of musicians, singers, and DJs, ranging widely in style and mood. From fire breathed by a giant demon rapper, to ribbons of magic flowing from a violinist’s bow, to abstract fx yet to be imagined, your work will bring to life the movement and music of a performer in a way only possible in an interactive virtual concert environment.

Job Requirements:

  • A strong VFX reel
  • 3+ years experience in a VFX role
  • Able to independently and creatively solve VFX technical challenges
  • Knowledge of game production pipeline and 3d game engines
  • Understanding of VFX integration and performance impacts
  • Ability to adapt and cope with change as the production of the project demands
  • Creative impulse of your own, with a collaborative mindset and strong communication skills

Preferred Skills:

  • Knowledge of other disciplines: 3D art, modeling, lighting, and rendering
  • Experience with audio reactivity