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Computational Imaging Architect

San Jose, CA

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Position Overview

This is the Computational Imaging Architect for rendering video for the world’s highest resolution holographic display ecosystem. You will architect light field imaging algorithms for visualizing and interacting with light fields, and develop interfaces for sharing light field data across multiple platforms. You will work on optimizing 3D image quality and trading off bandwidth requirements. Some of your work will be with standards committees such as MPEG to develop light field compression approaches.

Job Duties

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Architect the rendering of holographic images, and develop algorithms for holographic projection
  • Develop visual perception quality metrics to optimize perceived light field resolution
  • Work with developers in Nuke, Unity, Unreal, and other applications to develop interfaces for sharing data across different platforms, and adapting to different data formats
  • Develop compression encoding and decoding algorithms to compress light field data
  • Develop calibration techniques to capture and process data for the purpose of optimizing light field display
  • Work with the standards committees such as MPEG
  • Assist in writing visual effects plugins for interacting with light field data
  • Other tasks as assigned.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with the Systems Architect to help optimize display design

Requirements And Qualifications


  • Advanced degree or commensurate experience in Computer Science or Computer Vision with a background in image processing and computational imaging
  • Proven track record in delivering professional imaging solutions
  • Experience with computational imaging, light field physics, and ray tracing
  • Strong C++ coder – at least 5 years of experience with object-oriented architecture, comfortable with multi-threaded development.
  • Experience with Python and Matlab
  • Able to implement video compression algorithms
  • Able to construct an image processing pipeline, and experience with image quality analysis
  • Familiar with rendering of 3D data and volumetric video, camera tracking, relighting, and texture mapping
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced startup environment
  • Industry recognition via publication is a plus
  • Experience with writing GPU shaders is a plus
  • Expertise with writing software plugins for Nuke, Unreal, Maya, or other content creation applications is a plus
  • Knowledge of compositing workflows, and experience with developing software for postproduction environments is a plus

Key Competencies

  • Light field architecture
  • Computer Vision algorithms
  • Image Processing
  • Advanced C++ coder
  • GPU shaders
  • Video compression
  • Light field calibration