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Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

Orange County, CA

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Insights About this Role

Gen Next seeks a Chief Customer Officer (CCO) to lead a robust revenue, customer success, and client engagement framework to expand and deploy its community. Currently, Membership responsibilities do not reside with a single individual, but Gen Next needs a single leader in charge of this vital function.

This is not merely a “next gig” and beyond a great opportunity. It is the life and career mission that the right CCO is passionate about but hasn’t found in a “job”. The opportunity to have long term impact on some heavy global issues, and building a cutting edge, mission-driven business into a lasting institution are the ultimate rewards, but as we have come to experience by meeting leadership, members and attending G|N events, access to and engagement with the members of this community itself may represent the biggest upside.

At its core, the position revolves around leading a robust customer success and client engagement framework that develops and grows the impact of the community. It holds executive oversight over major revenue streams and the full extent of the customer journey, including vetting product-market fit, growing the membership pipeline, on-ramping, dynamic engagement and product adoption, and long-term retention. Above all, this person is accountable for growth, retention, lifetime value expansion, and deep engagement of the membership base.

The CCO’s Charter:

The CCO will lead a team in high-touch and high-impact customer journey and success and be expected to professionalize the entire Membership effort – end to end – and transform it from a scrappy organization that’s hitting above its weight class to one that evolves into a lasting, dynamic institution that plays a powerful role in the lives of powerful people. Even more importantly, the CCO will ensure that the membership base is informed, engaged, and building a high-impact legacy that will shape generations to come.

Above all, the CCO will be accountable for growth, retention, and lifetime value expansion of the Gen Next Membership. Key metrics include customer acquisition, churn reduction, customer lifetime value, customer engagement KPIs, total MRR, upselling and cross-selling, and net growth.

The CCO is an executive level officer who reports to the CEO and manages a team of seven (and growing) that is dedicated to driving impact and revenue in the community. The team and Membership is distributed throughout the country, so expect regular travel to current and future markets.

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Accelerate net growth above 20 percent and continuously improve churn rates to 10 percent with careful consideration of target personas and aligned with engagement strategies. Implement protocols in mission-driven customer success, from onboarding to increased loyalty.
  • Improve core Membership success metrics, such as: KPIs, predictive analytics against churn and for upsell opportunities throughout the Membership lifecycle to achieve success.
  • Work with and integrate core business initiatives, including strategic planning, data and operations, finance, MarComm, experiences/products, philanthropy, policy, and growth and engagement.
  • Design and lead a robust growth roadmap that includes product-market fit, pipeline development, conversion strategies, and more to ensure chapter leads drive sustained, high-quality Membership growth.
  • Ensure customer acquisition and engagement related costs are managed to budget across all regions.

Skills & Experience Required

The CCO will be purpose-driven, lover of people, a voracious learner and teacher, and excited to build with us.

  • Team Builder and Leader: Built, developed, and structured a high-performance (and preferably geographically distributed) team(s). Management experience.
  • Growth business experience: Key leader during a growth cycle, understands the “messy middle.” i.e. recruiting and training teams, streamlining operations and swim lanes, aligning functions such as sales, product, and marketing, building culture.
  • Mission Driven: Aligned on importance of mission & values and driving that in a community! Think… civic duty, enterprising, educational/philanthropic, or similar True North on compass, free enterprise, American exceptionalism, and democratic / Western values.
  • High Performance Results: Has documented history and clearly articulates goals and delivery of outcomes.
  • Well-Rounded: Breadth of experience, diversified background outside of a single industry/function, and varied interests.
  • Robust Client/Customer Engagement & Optimization. Experience developing and overseeing a customer journey that synchronizes revenue growth with customer engagement, turning new clients into customer advocates and brand representatives over time.