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CFO – FreshRealm

Ventura, CA

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FreshRealm enables forward-thinking food industry partners to meet changing consumer demands by delivering prepped perishables — including fully-prepped meal kits, ready-to-eat meals and more — to doorsteps and store shelves.


Highly operational CFO who can own the full spectrum of Finance Department functions (along with Legal and HR) and will get deep into the deals and transactions that are endemic to this type of business.

Hands-on; able to not just delegate but DO!

Analytical; not just financially, but around all areas of the FreshRealm business model.

Make the complex look easy; must be a master of just the right amount of process at the right time so as to enable growth without creating additional overhead.

Board and partner savvy; this is a high growth situation so running the process and owning key relationships on this side is critical.

Startup & growth experienced; resourceful, able to run lean; smart problem-solver.


Decision support as a primary advisor to the CEO while owning all external financial relations, including the Board, partnerships and others.

Management and overall leadership of finance and accounting operations, the CFO will oversee a bulletproof, auditable accounting & finance function.

Manage and lead across other critical functions including HR and Legal.

Direct financial analysis and accompanying strategic planning, preparation and reconciliation of financial statements, detailed budgets and reports, analyses and projections.

Ensure proper financial and business analysis that includes pricing, cost management, modeling for potential business development opportunities as well as potential acquisitions.

Focus on the company’s overall cash management and liquidity, forecasting, risk management and developing systems and processes that will enable FreshRealm to scale.

Oversee all internal control systems, make policy decisions, and manage option and benefits programs, insurance/risk management and certain outside vendor management activities.

Develop and deliver presentations to internal and external constituencies.