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Backend Engineer-Data Ingestion


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NOTE: This role is open in either NYC or Santa Monica, CA offices.

Company is building next-generation quantitative analysis software with consumer design principles at the center. The system is built in Go, Python, and react and designed to capture the state-of-the-world in the private markets (both historical and real-time) and yield useful financial analysis, fast. We’re making software that's delightful to use, helping both investors make brilliant investment decisions and operators understand the financial metrics that matter. The system enabling this requires a true multidisciplinary approach to build- from data science to high- performance distributed computing to human-centered design and research.

Role Description

Backend Engineer-Data (BEED) will create abstractions and infrastructure that identifies, gathers, cleans, and normalizes data the company cares about. The BEED will sit on a cross functional team- understanding the requirements of investors, CFOs, and LPs and translating those requirements into data pipelines and taxonomies that operate as the foundation of the company’s whole system. The BEED will capture the state-of-the-world in the private markets (both real-time and historical), and should be comfortable designing high throughput data systems that get smarter over time at identifying financial data we care about.


  • 4+ years experience building distributed systems
  • Experience with Golang or equivalent typed, performance-oriented language
  • Strong functional/oo programming fundamentals
  • Bonus: Architected or maintained infrastructure on AWS
  • Bonus: Experience with machine vision/ML to move data identification from a
    rules-based to probabilistic-based system