Chief Finacial Officer
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Position Description

A fast-moving, data-informed, creative company, Loaded is relentless in their pursuit of leveling up the video game industry and is looking for a super savvy, deal-making CFO to keep them on that path. This is not a position that will require fixing things that are broken: Loaded has fresh financing, a rock solid business model, and a top-notch, professional leadership team in place stacked with some amazing new hires from the past year. The CFO will be given the opportunity to hit the gas and take Loaded to the next level.

As a strategic financial leader and partner, the CFO will work closely with the company’s CEO and other members of the leadership team to develop and execute an all-encompassing strategic plan. And with a solid accounting and finance team already in place, the CFO can operationally take on as much of the organization under them as they want.

Unlike some other CFO roles, this one is dynamic: The CFO will have COO-type involvement with a strong voice across the organization. This is a classic private equity roll-up at the front end of a fast holding period culminating in a sale or IPO–and the CFO is the critical missing piece of the puzzle. In short, this is the perfect time to get on board.

The CFO’s Charter

  • Cultivate a close working relationship with the CEO. Own strategic planning, corporate development, and corporate finance while having a second seat at the leadership table to set and lead company direction. Be a true partner bringing a vision and point of view, going toe-to-toe with a highly successful growth CEO on their domain and function. 
  • Make key deals. The CEO’s vision is growth via M&A, so the CFO should have M&A and non-organic growth superpowers. This is a high-level role and the CFO will empower autonomy and vision, directly impacting mergers and acquisition strategy to juice growth as well as taking Loaded through the next round of funding. Experience in sourcing, assessment, due diligence, deal architecture, negotiation, and post-transaction integration required; experience taking a company through an IPO an added bonus. 
  • Be a financial visionary & great communicator. Drive and operate agile and effective planning, budgeting, forecasting, and cash flow management processes company-wide while managing reporting to investors and leading board conversations related to financial strategy. 

Responsibilities and Deliverables

  • Oversee financial performance and assess it against budget, monitoring expenditures, and overall cash flow.
  • Work with Sales to develop strategies to achieve sales targets, as well as strategically analyze programming initiatives and RFPs.
  • Oversee key sales finance functions including accruals, general ledger actuals, and accurateness of the sales process, monetization strategies, and marketplace strategy.
  • Lead a high-performance team; hire a Corporate Dev Person who will assist with where to put the company’s focus.
  • Identify and manage financial and operational risks/upsides to ensure appropriate controls and insurance policies are in place.
  • Oversee all equity, debt, and banking functions, including cap table management, cap table strategy, investor relations, debt strategy, negotiation and management, and financial institution/investment banking relationships.
  • Oversee HR and Finance

Critical Selection Criteria

A visionary and operational CFO who not only understands the numbers but also the possibilities in this infinitely expanding industry. One who is comfortable dealing with everyone from the CEO on down the org chart.

  • Hands-On Experience: 10+ years of executive-level experience as a CFO or a similar position, overseeing all accounting and financing. Well-versed in FP&A, corporate finance, corporate development, and strategic planning. Fluent in private equity models, governance, and board/investor communications. Direct industry experience with a game studio/publisher/platform, creator economy, interactive media, influencer marketing, or talent agency a plus.
  • Proven Financial Analysis Skills: Experience with monthly closings, financial reporting, and general ledgers. Proven track record managing multiple projects with the ability to prioritize efforts based on ROI to the business. Superior analytical skills and the ability to effectively communicate financial information to both financial and non-financial executives and investors.
  • Stellar Communication & Empathy: A convincing financial and business storyteller who can face the Street or deliver the keynote, a polished presence with self-confidence who inspires, persuades, and motivates.
  • Data-Informed Decision Maker: Bonus Points for a CPA, an MBA, or a strong network of game developers, publishers, or influencers. Understands big complex P&Ls and brands.
  • Operational Ninja: KPI and data/metrics driven, with experience dealing with dynamic and difficult-to-forecast markets/audiences at scale; a whiz with cap tables and stock issues.

Personality & Cultural Fit

  • Approachable & Direct: Someone who makes interactions enjoyable, not anxiety-producing
  • Passionate & Energetic: Strong desire to grow the business and find success each step of the way; someone with ample energy in reserve and a fire in the belly
  • Empathetic & Curious: Seeks to evolve and ask the questions that matter while prioritizing a caring, positive work environment
  • Autonomous: A desire to do the smart thing and the right thing and to get it started today; a self-starter who likes to be in charge and feels comfortable delegating
  • Authentic: Comfortable being yourself at work and embracing that uniqueness in others
  • Humility: A seasoned player who sees themselves as in the trenches with all and who is willing to admit when they’ve made a mistake and try a new way
  • Adaptable: Willing to iterate along with an evolving company and industry