Head of People
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Insights About this Role

Kharon is a high-growth company with more than 60 employees worldwide with significant hiring requirements anticipated in the coming year. Kharon’s current employee base, growth, and global footprint has created the need to establish dedicated Human Resources capacity within the company itself. This newly-created position of Head of People will be responsible for building and leading Kharon’s HR function and building the team. This individual will add professionalism, scale, passion, and process to the HR function and will fill an important leadership post with Kharon’s executive team.

Kharon is a mission-driven organization bringing technology together with subject matter expertise to help tackle complex global security issues and solve challenges faced by financial institutions and corporates worldwide. It aims to attract and retain exceptional people who bring passion and excellence to their work on a daily basis. Kharon’s Head of People will be responsible for cultivating an environment that sets its people up for success, promotes an outstanding employee experience, and for structuring systems and processes that enable the Company to consistently scale excellent performance.

Charter and Responsibilities:

Recruitment and Onboarding

  • Design and deploy recruitment strategies to attract and retain exceptional people and build high-performance teams in collaboration with other functional leaders within the Company
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with trusted third parties who can extend Kharon’s reach and access to talent.
  • Assess the current recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process. Develop and implement standards to maximize talent identification and acquisition.

Culture & Advancement

  • Understand, represent, and support a culture that reinforces Kharon’s mission and values, sustains morale, and scales with resilience
  • Assess and optimize the employee life cycle. From recruitment through exit, ensure people’s interactions with Kharon are positive, and systems and processes are in place to maintain a first-rate HR organization
  • Define and implement effective documentation for job requirements, career path setting and performance management
  • Work with colleagues in leadership to develop effective employee communication programs and continue to define and refine culture
  • Create and deploy effective training programs that support employee development, increased satisfaction, and overall business objectives.

Policy & Program Implementation

  • Establish policies, procedures, and practices that are aligned with, and enhance, our mission and core values, and see that they are adhered to consistently
  • Optimize employee compensation and benefits programs to ensure they are competitive in the market and reflect our values and the needs of our people
  • Manage our external human resources partners (including payroll, benefits, retirement programs, and international employment);
  • Act as a liaison with legal to ensure Kharon is compliant with all labor-related rules and regulations
  • Facilitate annual programs events such as open enrollment, team offsites, etc.

Skills and Qualifications:

Kharon is seeking someone with experience across the spectrum of HR operations. You will have led or contributed meaningfully within a first-rate HR organization and successfully implemented HR programs in a staff-driven organization with extremely high expectations. You have a keen sense of the key elements of designing and managing highly effective recruitment, engagement, and performance development and management practices, particularly developing high performing leaders, teams, and employees.

  • 5+ years of human resources experience including leadership
  • Bachelor’s degree in communications, psychology, business, or related field;
  • Keen sense of judgment, initiative, ownership, and follow-through
  • Attentive to details and facts
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, dedicated, collaborative and team-oriented
  • Analytical and adept at collecting and using data to improve operations and make better decisions. Comfortable with analytical tools and techniques;
  • Strong ability to adapt to change and ambiguity;
  • Acts with credibility, trust, and integrity.

Key Personality/Cultural Characteristics for Kharon Team

  • High Intellectual Bandwidth and curiosity
  • Great Communicator: Polished, compelling presence, self-confident with proven ability to appeal to all constituencies.
  • Player Coach: Strong, decisive, strategic leader that is also a trainer and mentor who can empower and celebrate people
  • Entrepreneurial, Flexible and Resourceful, with a figure-it-out-and-get-it-done mentality; not afraid to take risks, make mistakes quickly and course-correct.
  • Ethical: Operates with the highest standards of selling ethics and professionalism.
  • Analytical: Think critically, collect, analyze and follow the insights revealed by the data.
  • Passionate: Proven high-level strategic, creative-thinking, and problem-solving abilities. More than just a tactical manager; brings vision to help shape overall company direction.
  • Smart & Insightful: High intellectual bandwidth, but also street smarts and the gut to make the tough calls that don’t always flow from the data.
  • Energy, Enthusiasm and Hunger to win and something to prove