Head of Marketing
CONTACT: Christopher Andreoli
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Insights About This Role

Quantgene ’s deep technology platform is already powering the company’s Covid Protect product. With 2021 revenue of $20MM and triple digit growth in ’22, Quantgene is launching its flagship product Serenity which is leading the new age of preventative precision medicine that extends human life. Serenity offer s the highest value product a human can buy: TIME.

Serenity is a consumer marketer’s dream with a marketing path that is unusual and powerful less McDonald’s, P&G or GM, more Tesla. Tesla spent very little on campaigns or paid media instead, they invest ed in product and story (best looking product; best presentations and narrative, and the best website) In parallel, they cultivat ed opinion leaders (invite d them on tours, to exclusive information events, converted them into evangelists and influencers and seeded them with content As this passionate tribe grew, Tesla embraced them with intimate communicat ion and content which became the mythology of the tesla brand voice.

Quantgene has the same opportunity to tell its story to create a highly compelling narrative, a highly compelling website that converts; and a stream of highly compelling content images, slides, decks, videos and copy) that tell people about the future of medicine and how to buy time Quantgene will win.

To this end, Quantgene must build a small, elite team that is able to take the Founder’s vision what the deep technology platform delivers and the stories of its customers and create a content and story stream and website that is visionary, personally compelling and invites people onto the incredible journey Quantgene is on.

The rest of marketing ( campaigns performance marke ting, partnerships, sales enablement, etc. will follow story, narrative and a brand that excites people But Quantgene need s the right Creative Marketer and Storyteller who can deliver the above with passion, vision and artistic excellence

The Profile:

  • A highly creative role, the HOM gives Quantgene and its products mainly Serenity for now a digital VOICE and FACE that blows peoples’ minds and conveys the most exciting narrative in medicine (and therefore, in life)
  • Also OWNS growth and ultimate DTC conversion success: creative comes first but will also deliver GROWTH. Includes directing the digital consumer journey and conversion all the way to purchase.
  • Hands On, individual contributor who will initially leverage a handpicked posse of 3rd party specialists (freelance consultant/ small agency)
  • The selected HOM will have begun on the Don Draper creative path with serious chops across design/copy/concept/video and have a portfolio that proves their mastery
  • Out of a digitally native D2C health/wellness/fitness brand where THEY delivered (leader or undisputed key participant) on a similar charter
  • Focused and Grounded This individual must have demonstrated that they can create digital experiences and content that truly excites like only a few companies have done.

Charter Own Execute, and Implement:

  • Narrative – conceived/wrote and ideally told the story which became the mythology of the brand; positioning, messaging and killer copy–the actual translation of the brand into story
  • Creative – actually drove the creation and rendering of ALL the digital assets: imagery, design, composition, web pages, UX elements, packaging, POS, ads, audio, video
  • All Digital Assets – website, snacky through long form content (copy, video, imagery, audio, etc.) that have manifested the proverbial growth flywheel and gone viral across social, press/PR and legit influence channels.
  • Thought Leadership – Execution of the above will undoubtedly have put the Founder/Spokesperson or the top influencers on the panel, dais, keynote, CNBC, YouTube star, etc.
  • Sow the Seeds of Growth! Revenue, new customers (consumer and enterprise), and LTV/CAC ratio.

What we’re not looking for

  • A CMO-type who’s first 3 questions are How much do I have to spend? How many hires can I make
    and how soon? Where’s my EA? This is a Doer and not solely a Delegator <full stop>
  • A Performance Marketing Ninja who takes what the HOM delivers and then is a media buyer and analytics optimizer
  • A typical account-side agency person whose superpower has become pitching, managing clients, and rescuing AOR deals after campaigns fail (the HOM may have had these duties along the way, but has long since gone native and owned both the work product and the results in terms of yield and virality)
  • A creative-only who is not accountable for conversions and sales outcomes


  • Reports to CEO & Chief Business Officer
  • Compensation: Competitive Base Salary + Aggressive bonus potential (based on targeted goals) of
    100% of base salary (**uncapped and accelerated for outsized performance!)
  • Equity: Stock option grant vested over four years

CULTURAL FIT at Quantgene Why you, why now?

Quantgene is on the cusp of scaling rapidly You’ll fit in if you are/bring:

  • High intellectual bandwidth and curiosity
  • Entrepreneurial; Scrappy; hardcore startup vs. a corporate guy/gal; proven ability to prioritize on limited resources; cadence Fast-paced; risk taker and builder who’s driven to succeed
  • Relentless about execution–a decisive, agile doer who is also a skilled delegator
  • Passionate, Mission Driven and looking to make a real impact on the world
  • A “Humble Killer” as Quantgene’s CEO calls it who doesn’t care about title, corporate trappings, fluffy consultant speak and who thrives on execution, innovation and getting s__t DONE!