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Head of Developer Relations
CONTACT: Samuel Merchant
(510) 851-3594

Insights about the DevRel role

In a post-covid world, collaboration has been accelerated by 10 years, but technologies haven’t. With Croquet, developers can create instantaneous shared experiences for web & mobile. These experiences will be enabled from within hundreds and soon thousands of enterprise applications, web services and mobile apps called as microservices from the Croquet cloud.

Just as Twilio enabled hundreds of thousands of apps with voice, text, chat, and other communications services, revolutionizing everything from eCommerce to payment rails, customer service to law enforcement, Croquet will enable instantaneous shared experiences through the clever work of Developers across the globe.

The newly created Head of DevRel (HDR) will own and build the function that will ensure Croquet will get the best and brightest developers onto its platform, into its community, creating value and thriving together. Croquet’s HDR will own the charter of getting software developers excited about building on top of its platform through evangelism, storytelling and a passionate persistence that will emanate from what the company’s technology can enable. A hunter rather than a farmer, the HDR is a geek’s geek, known for living on the engineering Slack channel and hanging out with the developers–not the suits on the weekends. S/he eats, sleeps, and breathes software development and marinates in that world.

Croquet believes that serving Developers with a robust infrastructure, tools and platform create an even bigger opportunity for customers and consumers than if it were to develop solutions itself. Like Twilio, Croquet turbo-charges what Devs are already doing and building. This is a deliberate choice and makes Croquet purpose-built around a “developer first” strategy and mentality, where the company builds things on the backend that makes developers look good on the front end. Its transformational platform will allow developers of all types to create the next generation of live collaboration (multi-user) applications, at scale and optimized for web, mobile, VR/AR and 5G applications.

The Head of DevRel’s Charter

  • Set the goals for Croquet’s DevRel program and community, articulate its GTM strategy and define the key metrics that will define success
  • Quickly become the principal Architect of and Evangelist building Croquet’s DevRel community and business
  • Build Croquet’s DevRel function from scratch and own full lifecycle and evolution of the programs, the team, and the community itself
  • Prioritize the types of early partnerships that Croquet should deploy resources against alongside Product, Marketing and Engineering leadership
  • Evangelize & Execute on the goals and key metrics which define the success of the singular source of business for Croquet as it comes out of stealth mode
    • Build awarenessof the platform and what it does
    • Attract, Convert, and Arm high-value developers (sign-up, download, install)
    • Activation & Adoption – get developers to use the platform to build applications
  • Engage, Support, Advocate for, and Retain a robust, productive, and self-propagating Developer Community
  • Plan & Produce meetups, hackathons and conferences leveraging the Croquet platform
  • Ensure that Croquet’s Developer Community is actively engaged in product feedback and has true influence in the product roadmap

Core Competencies and Experience Required

  • TECHNICAL CHOPS: Walked in their shoes… Ideally started career as an engineer/developer; must have legitimate tech underpinnings to build trust and have influence
  • FUNCTION: Built and ideally led DevRel function and delivered success, scale, and ROI
  • DOMAIN: Veteran of enterprise-class software and application development platforms that have ideally served both businesses/brands and consumers
  • STAGE: Must have startup experience; out of fast companies and therefore comfortable in high-growth, agile, test-and-learn environments; ideally been a part of hypergrowth and scale
  • EVANGELIST & SPOKESPERSON: Confident, persuasive, and ideally charismatic communicator from the dais or via the blog, podcast, or all-hands meeting
  • BUSINESS ACUMEN & COMMERCIAL SUCCESS: ROI-based DevRel pro who’s accustomed to being held accountable for business outcomes and commercial (not just community) growth
  • LEADER & BUILDER: Hired great talent and created team culture that attracted the best
  • BUSINESS PARTNER: Track record of strategic collaboration with product, engineering, and marketing functions to optimize around shared goals

Duties & Deliverables

  • Identify, and quickly ink the first 50 and then 100 Developers (CEO & BD will partner with big ISVs like Atlassian). Initially, the archetypes may be more software startups and small dev shops as targets
  • Work with Marketing, Sales and BD to plan and execute developer awareness and acquisition/conversion funnel
  • Evangelize!
    • Write blog posts, respond to questions constantly
  • Speak at industry events
  • Lead the development and dissemination of
    • Developer Programs including Alpha/Beta test
  • Thought leadership via blog posts, webinars, and white papers
    • Documentation including reference materials, How to Guides, and Tutorials
    • Code Libraries
    • Quick start apps, Hacks, etc.
  • Build Community
    • Conceive of, plan, and host events like meetups, conferences, and especially hackathons
    • Create forums, GitHub, and Slack communities
    • Monitor social media for what people are saying about the brand, help people talk about their own success with the brand, work with integration partners
  •  Support
    • Select and deploy support systems and tools e.g., Zendesk, Stack Overflow, etc.
    • Implement Office Hours, dedicated forum e.g., Google Groups or Discourse
    • Create code examples and work on proofs of concept to showcase the outer limits of can be built with our API and our tools!

Key Personal/Cultural Characteristics

  • Evangelist & World-Class Communicator: Articulate, Polished w/ confidence and charisma; A persuasive speaker/presenter, skilled writer, AND a gifted listener. Amplifies documentation, looks for the right examples, messages and language to serve Croquet’s audience
  • Fearless! Unafraid of picking up the phone, lighting up the network, and calling in every marker you’ve ever earned; Spread the word; be persistent, tenacious, gritty, and scrappy because failure is not an option!
  • A Leader proven ability to attract, develop, manage, and mentor top talent; track record of nurturing and promoting highly successful leaders
  • Visionary AND Realist: Always looking for those explosive (viral) opportunities, but cognoscente of not trying to boil the ocean as a resource constrained startup
  • Startup Veteran not afraid of taking risks; highly resourceful, thrives on chaos but streamlines work and communication flows with just the right amount of process at just the right time!
  • Imagination & Creativity as the pied piper of create instantaneous shared experiences will need to be when casting the net for use cases and builders
  • Low Ego + High EQ the HDR will be empathic and a true servant leader as is every great community architect and builder
  • Embraces Diversity beyond all the typical definitions is tolerant of and a fan of diverse ways of thinking across the group
  • A Builder of relationships, communities, companies, and teams
  • A Doer now and a delegator (but still a Doer) later; Superior execution skills who leads by example
  • Driven with a bias toward action; decisive; takes initiative
  • High IQ and intellectually Curious
  • A great sense of humor