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VP of Sales

Santa Monica

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Distillery is a full-service software design and development company. We work with enterprises, start-ups and entrepreneurs to create new products and fundamentally improve existing ones. We are a seasoned product team that knows what success looks like. With a team of over 100 employees, we bring expertise to a wide range of software and business challenges. We are dedicated to providing an easier path to success for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Everyone shouldn’t have to learn all the startup lessons the hard way every time. Build, launch, and grow with an experienced team that is committed to your success.


  • A documented track record of closing in an agency environment; someone who can take a relationship and turn it into a deal.
  • A creative, solutions seller seasoned in non-commodity/rate card sales; experienced in working with and pitching startups, brands and enterprise clients to find bespoke, client-centered solutions that deliver results that exceed client’s expectations.
  • Establish sales targets and objectives; manage sales planning; oversee sales pipeline forecasting and reporting; help develop sales compensation structure at different levels which creates both incentive and consistent performance.
  • A track record in exceeding sales objectives while developing a repeatable sales methodology.
  • Provide tactical leadership associated with the development and expansion of relationships/revenue with the sales team. Support and manage the sales team while also personally closing business.
  • Establish strategic relationships with key partners in the space, nurturing referrals and increasing company awareness.


  • A revenue generator who has a history of not just crushing their numbers, but also supporting others on their team to do so in the process.
  • Strategic thinker, but also process-oriented and comfortable in a high-growth setting.
  • Executive communication is essential for this role; someone who is comfortable both in the board room and the war room.
  • Experience with a healthy balance of success/failure in high-growth, fast-paced environments.
  • Knowledge of software development processes, cutting edge technologies and current trends in the software ecosystem.
  • Experience with both early and well established companies. Someone who has the experience of holding high-level positions but isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty.