Open Opportunity

VP Human Resources

Irvine, CA


Mopro is an all-in-one website solution targeting both SMB and enterprise clients. The company equips businesses with a mobile-optimized, HTML5 website, backed by an ever-expanding product suite that enables them to tell their story while continuously and dynamically reinventing their entire digital presence.

Mopro offers a cutting edge combo of A.I. + Human Beings to quickly and inexpensively build any business’s dream website. It’s a front-end SaaS solution, powered by machine learning, offering launch-ready sites in less than 24 hours.

Primary Charter for the VP HR:

  • Establish HR as a sought-after source of key data and leading-edge programs that support Mopro’s strategic growth plans.
  • Work with C-level executives to develop employee communication programs and continue to focus on a culture of transparency.
  • Lead by example, create a department that is cohesive, innovative, and results driven. Develop a departmental culture that establishes HR as a proactive and consultative business partner.
  • Make sure that Recruiting resources are established to support all departments. Assess and address all areas including recruiting sytems and tools; recruiting team members and their results; positive recruiter-to-hiring manager communication flow; onboarding programs with managers; post hire communication and satisfaction.
  • Create and deploy effective training curriculum and programs that support employee development, increased satisfaction, and overall business objectives of the company.
  • Insure that HR is on the pulse of key data. Know the stats across areas like: employee attrition rates, employee satisfaction, benefits opt-in rates, compensation data, and other key metrics.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Swiftly become a trusted confident and enabler to the C-suite by demonstrating candor, clarity and a single-minded focus on propelling the business forwards.
  • Gain the trust and respect of both the Executive Team, Departmental Leaders, and the employees. This will come through open communication, execution, honesty and self-accountability.
  • Plan and deploy Organization and Cultural Development programs. Be all about enabling current employees to advance their careers, develop personally and professionally, not simply recruiting.
  • Immediately, work shoulder-to-shoulder with management to assess the organization and develop an action plan on taking the culture to the next level.
  • Become a strategic Business Partner to each member of the management team, truly understanding their organizations, their markets and the skill sets required for them to drive their business objectives.
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