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Chief of Staff

El Segundo

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Chef’d is the disruptive leader in meal solutions across an omni-channel marketplace featuring partners from some of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies (think Coke and Campbell’s), multiple top 10 retail grocers (like Kroger), massive food-service platforms (Aramark) dozens of celebrated chefs/top food influencers to offer thousands of meal “solutions” that make it easy for anyone to cook their choice of meals at home.

Chef’d helps customers rethink the home-cooked meal by offering fresh, pre-portioned ingredients that are highly cost-effective and also eliminate food waste – all without the hassle of subscription or membership fees.

Chef’d Highlights

  • Piper Jaffray projects the meal kit market will experience staggering– from $1B last year to $5B today, reaching $36B by 2025!
  • Chef’d’s run-rate revenues are mid 8-figures today (up 10x from 2016) and are projected to break 9-figures by Q1 ’18.
  • To support their hyper growth Chef’d just landed a $35M in Series B capital led by Smithfield Foods—the world’s largest pork producer alongside Campbell Soup(a major partner) and prior investor Fresh Direct.
  • That’s right, they went from the Founders investing $25M of their own cash to build out this national “Cold Chain Management” solution to an impressive growth round from 100% strategic investors.
  • It’s the only player capable of selling meal kits through retail from its soon-to-be USDA approved prep kitchen/distribution centers
  • Lastly, Chef’d is Putting a “buy button” on thousands of the world’s top recipes from renowned chefs, major brands – even Mom’s meatballs to deliver them as meal kits

Insights into The CoS Role

Chiefs of staff are the people who control access to the people everyone wants to meet! The relationship is highly intimate: They’re the ones who brief the executives in the morning and are often the last people the leaders communicate with before going to sleep.

The CoS role at Chef’d is a minimum 18 month rotation at Chef’d wherein you’d be groomed for greater things within the organization. The compensation package for this role features a base salary (low to mid 6-figures) plus a sizable stock options package and great benefits.

Founder/CEO Kyle Ransford started the company on a lean and scrappy footing and built a national Cold Chain Management solution without the trappings of institutional investors, incubators, accelerators or a full c-suite. The company has executed in high performance mode to prove out product market fit, early (indirect) go to market strategy and ramped early revenues significantly—all before recently taking down strategic growth capital.

Kyle is now building out his senior leadership team and is looking to create leverage with a smart, extremely motivated, individual who will serve both he and his leadership team to remove friction, get things done and most of all foster consistent, regular communication as well as tracking and reporting on projects, initiatives, key performance metrics and the ongoing scorecard for the business and the organization—enter the Chief of Staff!

CoS Responsibilities

  • Keeper of the Scorecard. Create maintain and report on up to the minute strategic plan, operational and departmental goals and timelines and the resulting financial projections
  • Ninja Project Managerable to translate high level direction into actionable, trackable project milestones as well as the collection and reporting of progress toward goals
  • Facile Communicatorable to leverage not only the latest asynchronous (e-mail) real-time (think Slack) and project oriented (like Asana) tools and mediums, but a gifted 1:1 and 1:many verbal communicator who is known for disseminating and following up on critical communication
  • Day-to-day facilitationof personnel to enable the CEO to focus on growing the business

Key Requirements

  • An detailed Scribe, known for listeningintently and taking copious notes
  • PowerPoint Master! Able to take a concept, an initiative or a potential partnership and communicate visually for both internal and external audiences and constituencies. Able to ingest words and output visually using presentations
  • Proactive, known for putting out firesbefore they get to him/her
  • Consultant andImplementer always looking to ensure streamlined activities within the organization based on the priorities of the CEO
  • Highly Service-Orientedand in it to make everyone else’s lives better at the expense of your own (usually)
  • Bachelors or better yet a Master’s Degree in Business Administration or related field
  • 3+ years’ business experience
  • Excellent WRITTEN and verbal communication skills
  • Strategy Consulting, Investment Banking or similar job experience emphasizing a high volume of work and work product/output and a rigorous approach to getting things done
  • Proven track record of effectively interacting with senior management
  • Ability to work strategically and collaboratively across departments
  • Effective, versatile and action-oriented