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Chief Marketing Officer & GM

Los Angeles

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  • NIAGEN® is the first and only commercially available Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) the ingredient many experts in the anti-aging field believe that could become the largest nutritional supplement – ever
  • Niagen’s benefits are backed by patented IP, science, research and recently released Human Clinical Trial. > 100 scientific studies from some of the most prestigious scientists and institutions in the world confirm the profound effects NR supplementation has had in model systems in the categories of anti-aging, glucose maintenance, heart health, brain function, sleep, and weight loss
  • Mission-Driven! CDXC’s products and ingredients – if the company executes – will positively impact the lives of tens of millions of people.
  • Existing eCommerce platform and team. CDXC recently acquired ProHealthSpan, which has been delivering Niagen to thousands of consumers
  • High profile, high impact role owning not just the marketing function, but also the full P&L of the D2C business unit.
  • Build the next V-Commerce rocketship. Digitally native or v-commerce brands have emerged (Dollar Shave Club, Casper, Soylent) that are trailblazing entirely new approaches to retail. ChromaDex will build and become one of these brands initially on the clinical efficacy and benefits of NIAGEN®.
  • World class Management, Board and Scientific Advisors
  • Powerhouse, deep-pocketed backer. CDXC just announced an initial $25MM of private placement from Hong Kong investor and business leader Li Ka-shing of Horizons Ventures. Li has a track record of investing in other momentous and innovative companies, including Facebook, Spotify, DeepMind, Impossible Foods and others.


  • Build a world-class consumer brand
  • E-commerce: Figure out Amazon, funnel nurturing, optimization, etc.
  • Recruit, develop and lead a high-impact, high performance marketing team
  • Own content & creative, with immediate emphasis on rebuilding the outdated ChromaDex website; Manage and collaborate with internal and external creative partners/agencies to develop and maintain collateral and marketing assets.
  • Infrastructure and KPIs: Create and deploy measurement capabilities; use data and analytics to optimize marketing investments; Establish and track KPIs and reporting to key executive stakeholders; Optimize the CRM and marketing tech stack.
  • P&L: Own the planning and budgeting process for marketing as well as revenue and growth targets for all e-commerce; own revenue objectives.
  • Oversee the build-out of all digital marketing efforts, SEO, SEM, email, website, newsletters, blogs, social media platforms, display and other channels
  • PR & Communications: Manage all corporate communications and PR.
  • Media buying: Ideally seasoned in effective offline media (radio/TV/DRTV) campaigns and the nuances and mechanics of media buying.


  • Experience with omni-channel, disruptive merchandising, content marketing, native advertising and other innovations/hacks.
  • Built (not just inherited) a commercially successful brand; ideally in health/wellness, pharma, lifestyle, food or nutritional supplements.
  • Bit of a quant/data geek at heart, data driven, multi-channel consumer acquisition & retention across SEO, SEM, PPC, email, social, etc.
  • Not just a marketer, but also a revenue owner; Proven track record of delivering sales and growth. Accustomed to ROI based marketing and being accountable for a revenue number vs. just a marketing budget.
  • Had a seat at the table driving company direction in addition to building and leading a multi-functional marketing team and e-commerce operation.
  • Comfortable in an entrepreneurial (test & learn) environment; can move quickly and adapt strategy and tactics AND been a key part of a successful growth story.
  • Understanding of how to leverage the company’s leadership in clinical efficacy to drive trust. A knack for leveraging content marketing to establish brand, drive organic traffic and create a halo around CDXC.
  • Polished presence, self-confidence; able gain buy-in and create productive dynamics within a team. CDXC is a public company, which requires a high level of both professionalism and discipline.