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Chief Marketing Officer

Los Angeles

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CMO opportunity withDr. Schulze's American Botanical Pharmacy -- well-established, profitable, global leader in manufacturing and distribution of curative herbal medications, foods and supplements.


Dr. Schulze’s American Botanical Pharmacy develops, manufactures and distributes original herbal formulas, unique SuperFoods, natural health programs and a range of related products worldwide under the Dr. Schulze’s brand name.

It sells directly online as well as via catalog and also has an on-site retail boutique at its HQ in Marina del Rey. The store sells the company’s legendary and highly effective herbal health products and creates an exciting destination experience for customers to sample the products and learn about pursuing their own path to natural health from company founder and Master Herbalist, Dr. Richard Schulze.

Company Highlights

  • Mid 8-figure revenue, including >$3M from single retail location in MDR
  • Projecting 50% CAGR through 2018 getting to 9-digit top line revenue
  • Currently ~50 employees.
  • Adding 35 employees by Q1 2017, including ~8 in marketing hires.
  • 200,000 highly-loyal, active customers, and growing.
  • With customer churn near Zero, the model resembles subscription ARR!


  • Build and lead a high-functioning and accountable marketing team; could include 7-8 new hires over first 90-120 days.
  • Funnel web traffic/leads to call center to educate, provide empathy and create a real human connection. The customer will always need certainty/belief in alternative medicine vs. western medicine.
  • Build SEO effectiveness. Currently, ROI has been marginally depreciating. Need SEO specialist who can reverse that trend, return to & exceed prior levels.
  • Rebuild and expand an SEM program that needs to work better; increase budget beyond current $50K and improve effectiveness.
  • Create an effective and measurable social media marketing strategy and execute it.
  • Assess current agency/contractor relationships (currently ~7-8 individuals under contract). Keeps those most effective; create priorities for which roles can/should be brought in-house to create more skin in the game.
  • Expand affiliate opportunities in both wholesale and retail (Amazon is currently a major affiliate partner).


  • Highly functional and hands-on direct marketing and digital marketing expert with grounding in brand/product segmentation.
  • Ideally 60% digital and 40% direct marketing; someone with foundational experience in D/M who understands the underlying business and model.
  • Experience and track record of success with strategic alliances and building distribution/channel relationships.
  • Critical thinker and visionary with leadership skills and wisdom to be the arbiter of ABP culture.
  • Ability to be hands-on as well as strategic; not just an idea person.
  • Can play “small ball” as well as make major strategic bets while pursuing attainable, sustainable goals that are well thought out and executed.
  • High intellectual bandwidth; someone who can listen, be a mentor/teacher and lead by example. Able to understand this relatively simple business from Day One.
  • Flexible, highly professional, can-do attitude. A proactive learner who is ready to win the war but not afraid to lose an occasional battle.
  • Resilient with a likable personality and a service & customer happiness orientation – not a whiner or victim.
  • Truly enjoys the art, craft and science of marketing—the journey and not just the results.
  • Ability and desire to connect with the ABP mission; A willing evangelist for natural healing through quality products and programs.