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Chief Marketing Officer

El Segundo, CA

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Chef’d is new, disruptive ecommerce meal solutions marketplace that partners with celebrated chefs, media outlets and top food influencers to offer thousands of meal “solutions” that make it easy for anyone to cook their choice of meals at home.

Chef’d is the only company offering choice, re-order, no subscription and (in the future) user customization.

Chef’d helps customers rethink the home-cooked meal by offering fresh, pre-portioned ingredients that are highly cost-effective and also eliminate food waste – all without the hassle of subscription or membership fees. Customers can customize their orders any way they want and reorder their favorites any time.


  • First and foremost, define, build and refine the Chef’d brand and brand experience, along with the co-branding strategy. Although the company has already established itself in numerous ways, the brand is not fully baked. As CMO, you will nail it and take the brand to a higher level. This will be the primary focus for the first 12 months, more so that just growing revenue.
  • Develop highly sophisticated ecommerce capabilities. This includes mass personalization solutions for reaching Chef’d customers and prospects, using data collection, digital marketing and merchandising components, among others.
  • In concert with other Chef’d leadership, devise, articulate and implement a strategic marketing vision for Chef’d.
  • Initial emphasis will be on building company value. Get the branding, product orientation and related components right, using test-and-learn techniques. Deploy lower-budget guerrilla and growth-hacker tactics to start – devise innovative ways to get customers to market Chef’d themselves. In turn, the really big marketing budget will come a year from now.
  • Own the full range of lifecycle marketing; CRM and sophisticated, data-driven and predictive targeting and retargeting – both D2C and via brands, associations and other partners. Promote the experience of Chef’d as much as the food.
  • Near term, focus on accelerating sales of the Chef’d core product. Market holistically across the full customer journey; grow and accelerate reorder rates.


  • Brand Builder: Built (not just inherited) a high impact, highly successful brand; ideally brings experience with co-branding strategies and leveraging the brands and resources of Partners
  • Innovative eCommerce Veteran: Full eCommerce, conversion funnel and multi-channel customer acquisition & retention experience – with primary focus on B2C, and secondarily B2B.
  • Digital Direct Marketer: Bit of a quant/data geek at heart, data driven, multi-channel consumer acquisition & retention across SEO, SEM, PPC, email, social, etc. Gather, analyze and extract insights from the data on what and how people eat and what they might want to change.
  • Understands Mass Customization: Can dig deeper into personas. For example, soccer moms
  • are not all the same. Some like to cook; some don’t. Some eat healthy. Others not so much.
  • Revenue Driver & Owner: Not just a marketer, but also a revenue owner. Proven track record of delivering sales and growth. Accustomed to ROI based marketing and being accountable for a revenue number vs. just a marketing budget.
  • Team Builder & Leader: Had a seat at the table driving company direction in addition to building and leading a multi-functional marketing team and e-commerce operation.
  • Startup and Growth/Scale: Comfortable in an entrepreneurial environment; can move quickly and adapt strategy and tactics – and have been part of a high-impact growth story.
  • Thought Leader & Storyteller: Understand how to leverage the company’s leadership in meal kit delivery. A knack for leveraging content to establish brand, drive organic traffic and create a halo around Chef’d.
  • Great Communicator with a Compelling Presence: Polished presence, self-confidence; able gain buy-in and create productive dynamics within a team.
  • Devotion to Embracing new Ideas: at Chef’d, every idea counts. Innovation is the reason Chef’d exists. Anything and everything to improve the Chef’d experience is worth exploring.